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Q: How high would a stack of 100 dollar bills be for a billion dollars?
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How high a stack of one dollar bills in a billion dollars?

Approximately 67.87 miles high.

How High would you have to stack 100 dollar bills to make 1 billion dollars?

You'd better find a tall ladder: the stack would be 3,583.33 feet tall.

How high is a stack of 1 billion dollar bills?

mad high son

How high stack of one dollar bills for a billion dollars?

A billion dollars in one dollar bills will make a stak that is roughly 68 miles high 1,000,000,000X.0043 = 4,300,000 inches. 4,300,000 inches/12=358,333.33 feet 358,333.33 feet/5280 (mile)= 67.86 miles So the answer is about 68 miles.

How tall is a stack of one billion dollars in one dollar bills?

Theoretically, 67.866 miles. If any bill is not compressed any further than its "normal" thickness of 0.0043 inches (0.11 mm), then one billion bills would make a stack of 4.3 million inches (67.8 miles).

How high does 1 billion twenty dollar bills stack?

Very high: about 67.87 miles.

How high is a stack of 700 billion dollars?

If they are one-dollar notes, the stack would be 47.51 miles high.

How high a stack of one dollar bills in a trillion dollars?

About 67,866.16 miles tall.

How tall is a stack of 825 billion dollar bills?

Approximately 55,989.58 miles high (yes, really).

What is the thickness of a dollar bill?

A US dollar bill is 0.0043 inches (just over 1/10 mm) thick, requiring nearly 233 dollar bills for a stack 1 inch high. A billion dollars in a vertical stack would then be 67.8 miles high. (4.3 million inches).

How high is a stack of 1 dollar bills?

It depends on how many dollar bills you have! Lacking that variable, one US dollar is 0.0043 inches thick. So, a stack of one million dollars is about 358 feet four inches high.

How high is a stack 1 billion 100 dollar bills?

Approximately 67.866 miles high if they are in pristine condition.