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Trigonometry is used to find the distance and angle of atoms that are bonding. Oh this is for chemistry by the way hope this was helpful. :)

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Q: How is trigonometry used in chemistry?
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Why is trigonometry important for chemistry?

Some chemical reactions depend on the shape of molecules and the study of the shape of molecules - requires knowledge of trigonometry.

How is trigonometry used in electronics?

Trigonometry is used effectively in electronics.

Is trigonometry part of calculus?

It is certainly used in calculus, just as calculus can be used in trigonometry.

What is soh cah toa in trigonometry?

SoH: used for finding the sine of a triangle in trigonometry: Opposite/HypotenuseCaH: used for finding the cosine of a triangle in trigonometry: Adjacent/HypotenuseToA: used for finding the tangent of a triangle in trigonometry: Opposite/Adjacent

What is a scientific calculator and what is it used for?

A Scientific calculator is a kind of calculator which is used to solve scientific, engineering and Mathematical problems. It comes loaded with commonly used functions such as logarithms, scientific notation, trigonometry, floating point, complex numbers, fractions and so on. It is used widely in solving quick mathematical problems such as trigonometry functions and some cases with physics and Chemistry.

How is trigonometry ues today?

Trigonometry is used in the design and construction of buildings, cars, planes, and many other objects. Trigonometry is used in physics and engineering whenever forces, waves, fields, and vectors are involved. Trigonometry is used in music and acoustics to design speakers, instruments, and concert halls. Trigonometry is used to coordinate launches OS space shuttles. Trigonometry is used to navigate ships and planes. Nearly every part of modern life uses trigonometry in some way.

What has the author John T Moore written?

John T. Moore has written: 'Elements of abstract algebra' -- subject(s): Abstract Algebra 'Chemistry for Dummies' 'Chemistry Made Simple' 'AP chemistry' -- subject(s): Advanced placement programs (Education), Chemistry, Examinations, Examinations, questions, Study guides 'Modern algebra with trigonometry' -- subject(s): Algebra, Trigonometry '5 Steps to a 5 on the AP'

What field of science used trigonometry?

Physics, aeronautics, and astronomy all rely heavily on trigonometry.

How is trigonometry used in being a veterinarian?

its not

What is the importance of trigonometry in chemistry?

Trigonometry is important in chemistry for calculating angles and distances in molecular structures, determining bond angles, and analyzing wave functions in quantum mechanics. It helps in understanding the spatial arrangement of atoms and molecules, which is crucial in predicting reactivity and behavior of chemical compounds.

If you want to become Chemical Engineer what do you need to study now in high school?

Pre-Calculus (or Trigonometry), Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics in that order of importance. If you have the chance to take Advanced Placement chemistry, pay close attention when the phase diagrams and thermodynamics sections are covered as these will be used again in college.

How is trigonometry used in optics?

Optics deals with light waves, and all waves relate in some way to trigonometry. Also, the reflection and refraction of light involves trigonometry.