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There is no direct relationship. Trigonometry can be used in criminology as can many branches of mathematics and of science.

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Q: What is relation between Trigonometry and criminology?
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What is the use of trigonometry in the field of criminology?

blood spatter

How does trigonometry helps the student in criminology course?

It doesn't

Who made trigonometry?

Hipparchus is considered as the father of trigonometry. he was the one who found the relation between angles of a triangle and its lengths of sides. this relation has developed into an entirely new branch in mathematics as trigonometry. so, one might as well say that he 'made' trigonometry.

What is the difference between angles of trigonometry and angles of geometry?

In geometry, angles are studied mostly in relation to each other. In Trigonometry, angles are studied in relation to side lengths and triangles.

Uses of sin cos ect in maths?

The uses of Sin, Cos etc. in Maths is in relation to Trigonometry. Trigonometry is the study of the relationship between angles and lengths of triangles.

What is the relation of trigonometry with arithmetic sequence?

None. There are relations to power sequences, though.

What is the relation between radius and chord length of circle?

This requires trigonometry If theta is the angle from the center of the circle to the edges of the chord, then chord length = 2Rsin (theta/2)

What is the study of biocriminology?

Biocriminology is the subdiscipline of criminology that investigates biological and genetic factors and their relation to criminal behaviors.

What is the relation between criminology and penology?

Penology is actually a branch of criminology. Criminology studies crime - theories, explanations, victims, criminal justice systems, forms of punish and deterrence etc. Penology studies the specific areas of prisons and the incapacitation of offenders. The main areas for Penology is Prison system management, programmes etc. Criminology includes a small amount amount of prison study in general as part of the general course. If you have a degree in Criminology you can still do Penology post grad and vice versa

What is Principle of trigonometry?

The basic principle of trigonometry is that there are mathematical relationships between the sides and angles of a triangle.

What is trigonometry of reciprocal relation?

cosecant = 1/sine secant = 1/cosine cotangent = 1/tangent

What is the different between crime and criminology?

Crime is an act of breaking the law. Criminology is the study of crime and criminals.

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