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Q: How many Mexicans cross the border per year?
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How many people illegally cross the US border in a year?

in 2008 it was 3 million, but I'm not sure about the present date

What year was the swimming invented?

1950 this was the year mexicans invented swimming to cross the rio grande

What are the requirements for a 19 year old to cross the Canadian border?

You require a valid Passport to cross the Canadian border.

How many people illegally cross the America Mexico border each year?

It is difficult to provide an exact number of people illegally crossing the border each year, as accurate data can be challenging to obtain. Estimates suggest that tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of individuals attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally each year.

What year did the Mexicans start entering the U.S. illegally.?

Since 1924 when the Border Patrol was established. Before that, they came and went as they saw fit.

Does a 14 year old need a passport to cross border in Mexico?

everyone has to have a passport

How much money do farmers make per year selling Mexican jumping beans?

Enough to cross the border.

What year did the Mexicans get Indapendence?


Why do so many Mexican people try to immigrate to the US each year?

Living conditions in Mexico vary greatly. Millions of people in Mexico live in substandard conditions regarding housing, drinking water, electricity and jobs. Therefore to get a better life millions of Mexicans want to get into the USA, either by legal immigration or by illegally crossing the border. Since many many American companies, individuals and farmers hire Mexicans to do things for less money than Americans would require and be legally entitled to, there are thousands of jobs in America that Mexicans know are there should they get into the USA either legally or illegally. Since their families are often poor and need a better life Mexicans continue and will continue to attempt to get into the USA by whatever means necessary. No matter how high a wall the USA builds along the border, Mexicans will still try and get into the USA for a better life for themselves and their families.

What is currently the largest immigrant group in US?


How many cars cross the Erasmus bridge in a year?

Depends on the time and what is happening in that time. One year 200,890,000 cars might cross it but the next year 960,800,909 cars will cross it.

What year did Mexicans come to Australia?