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The best way to approach this problem is to make all of these units consistent. Since you want your result to be in cubic yards, let's make all the linear dimensions yards as well. So since 1 yard = 3 feet = 36 inches, you have 60 ft/3 = 20 yards by 80 ft/3 = 26.667 (approx) yards by 5 in/36 = .13889 (approx) yards. Now multiply your constants together: 20 * 26.667 * .13889 = approximately 74 cubic yards of concrete.

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Q: How many cubic yards of concrete are needed to pour a slab 60 feet by 80 feet by 5 inches thick?
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How much concrete is needed for a slab 9 square feet and 4 inches thick?

A 9x9 foot slab 4 inches thick requires a minimum of 1 cubic yard. If you go to 6 inches thick you will need 1.5 cubic yards.

How Much Concrete is Needed For a Slab 625 Square Feet by 6 Inches Thick?

625 times 0.5 = 312.5 cubic feet will be needed

How many yards of concrete will be needed to fill in 400 square feet?

It depends upon how thick you want the concrete. For example, if you want the concrete to be 6 inches thick, then you will need 200 cubic feet. There are 27 cubic feet per cubic yard; so divide the 200 cubic feet by 27 to get 7.4 cubic yards.

How much concrete is needed for a slab 800 square feet by 4 inches thick?

how many cubic feet in a yard of concret

How many cubic yards of concrete is needed for a building slab 6 inches thick?

You need to specify the slab's width and the length as well.

How much concrete is needed for 4300 sf by 7 inches thick?

4300 x .66 * = 2838 cubic feet / 27 = 105.11 cubic yards. ( *.66 = 8" )

How much concrete is needed for a slab 120 square feet by 3.5 inches thick?

(3.5/12) x 120 = (.2917) x 120 = 35.004 Cubic Feet Concrete is sold by the cubic yard. 35.004 cubic feet = 1.3 cubic yards

How much concrete is needed for a slab 10 feet in diameter by 4 inches thick?

A 10-foot round slab at 4 inches requires 1 cubic yard.

How much concrete will it take for a slab 10x16 feet?

If it is 4 inches deep/thick, 2 cubic yards. If it is 6 inches deep/thick, 3 cubic yards.

How many cubic feet in a 60lb bag of concrete. five inches thick?

A cubic foot is 12" thick 12" wide and 12" deep. .45 cubic feet per 60# bag of concrete

How many square feet will a yard of concrete cover 5 inches thick?

A cubic yard is 46,656 cubic inches. Spread to a thicknes of 5 inches, a cubic yard of concrete covers 9332.1 square inches, which is 64.8 square feet.

How many square feet in a cubic yard of concrete at 4 inches thick?