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Well, since one straight line has 180 degrees, two would equal 360 degrees.

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Q: How many degrees in 2 straight lines?
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When 2 straight lines intersect the sum of the adjacent angles equals?

180 degrees

How many degrees in 2 straight angles?

180 degrees

What is the name in maths definition when 2 straight lines make an x at 35 degrees?

It is an intersection.

How many types of lines?

2, straight and curvy...

How many straight lines does a square have?

A square has four straight lines.

What are the characteristics of two intersecting lines?

It depends you want. For instance, if you were to draw the plus sign then all angles are 90 degrees. There are 2 lines of symmetry. Furthermore, there are 2 straight angles. To conclude there are many characteristics.

Give 3 classification of technology?

"right angle" is two lines that intersect at 90 degrees "acute angle" is when 2 lines meet at less than 90 degrees "obtuse angle" is when lines meet at an angle more than 90 degrees , a straight angle is when 2 lines meet at exactly 180 degrees.

How many lines of symmetry does a rectangle have you want a straight answer?


Do 2 perpendicular lines make a straight angle?

Two perpendicular lines will meet in a right angle (90 degrees) if they exist on a flat plane.

How do you draw an angle of 90 degrees?

Use a protractor or construct 2 perpendicular lines with a compass and a straight edge

What is a shape with 4 straight lines and 2 parallel lines and 2 unparalleled lines?

A shape with 4 straight lines in which there are 2 parallel and 2 unparallel lines is called a Trapezium.

Uses of straight lines in daily life?

straight r used in many cases in our daily life- 1. straight lines r used 2 make quadrilaterals___ mean many properties r taken 4m it for art ,design and architecture 2.straight lines r used 2 make columns to differentiate our works. 3.straight r used to represent many data in graph. 4.straight lines r used to write. 5.we do straight cutting.

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