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2 x 3 x 3 = 18

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How many different lunch combinations can be made from 2 sandwich choices 3 side items and 3 drinks if you choose one sandwich from each?
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What is the Fundamental Counting Principle?

This principle simply tells us that if you have 2 choices to make, 1 from a list of m items and 1 from a list of n, the total number of ways to make the 2 choices is m times n. Similarly, if there are more than 2 choices, you just multiply the number of possibilities together. For example, if you have 4 choices for what your first child will wear today, 5 choices for the second, and 7 for the third, the total number of combinations is 4 times 5 times 7 which is 140. This assumes that the number of options for each choice is independent of the other choices you make. For example, if you must choose one direction to go one block in a city, and then another at the end of that block, but if you choose to go north in the first place you are at a dead end, but if you had gone south you could go 3 different directions, the principle does not apply because the number of options for the second choice depends on your first choice.

How many 4 number combinations are their using numbers 0-9 that have 2 in?

There are 220 combinations. Do you want to know why this is the answer? (It's worth knowing because this is a widely used principle in mathematics.) There are 10 digits to choose from, four of them are to be chosen at a time and a combination of four can include more any given digit more than once. So the total number of 4-digit combinations (without insisting that there be any 2s in them) is (10+4-1)choose 4= 13 choose 4 = 715. If 2s are _not_ allowed then there would be 9 digits to choose from and the total number of 4-digit combinations would be (9+4-1) choose 4 = 12 choose 4 = 495. Then the number of 4-digit combinations in which anywhere from 1 to 4 2s are allowed would be 715 - 495 = 220.

You are designing a new game in which you will choose a set of 3 numbers from 15 and a set of 2 from 20 How many possible combinations are there?


Choose the number that is the product of exactly three different prime numbers?


How do you make tessellation?

there are 4 different kinds of tessellations. you can choose which type of tesselation to make.

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If there are 5 different pizza toppings and you choose 2 how many combinations will you have?


What makes subway sandwiches so great?

Subway sandwiches can be great because you can choose exactly which ingredients you do and do not want on your sandwich, and there are a lot of choices.

How many different combinations of 4 books can be chosen from 6 books?

The number of 4 different book combinations you can choose from 6 books is;6C4 =6!/[4!(6-4)!] =15 combinations of 4 different books.

What is the procedure of the sandwich?

1. Choose a bread. 2. Choose your condiments. 3. Choose your fillings. 4. Eat the sandwich cold. 5. Alternatively, grill/cook the sandwich.

When you order a sandwich at Nelly's you can choose from 4 kinds of bread and 7 kinds of meat On any sandwich you can have mayonnaise or mustard or bot or neither How many different sandwiches can?


What the difference between select and choose on the computer?

Select is when you pick choices and choose is to pick between choices.

When bill makes a sandwich he may choose from among 3 kinds of rolls 4 kinds of meat and 2 types of sliced cheese If he chooses one roll one meat and one type of cheese how many different kinds?

The number of different combinations in this case is simply the product of the three numbers.

What is the answer for Hector can choose any 4 of the 5 screensavers offered with his new computer How many different combinations of 4 screensavers could he choose?

5 is. (How many different ways are there for him to notchoose one of the five ?)

How many different ways can you arrange the letters in number?

Assume you have 6 spots shown below: _ _ _ _ _ _ In the first spot, you have 6 letters to choose from. In the second spot, you have 5 letters to choose from because you already used one. Similarly, in the remaining spots, you will have 4, 3, 2, and 1 letters to choose from. So you have 6 choices * 5 choices * 4 choices * 3 choices * 2 choices * 1 choice = 720 possibilities

What does choices mean?

Choices means things you can choose. You may opt for this or that.

Is choices a verb?

The word choices is a plural noun. To choose is the verb.

How many possible combinations of 1 hat 1 pair of sunglasses can be made with 5 hats and 4 pairs of sunglasses?

You can choose 5 different hats and for each of them 4 different sunglasses can be chosen, giving 5 x 4 = 20 different combinations.

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