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Q: How many different types of shapes are there?
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What are structural steel shapes?

It consist of different types of shapes.

How many types of triangles are there and how many shapes are there all together?

There are countless number of shapes and triangles. Some different types of triangles are iscoleses, right and scalene. Some shapes are circle, triangle, square, hectagon, octagon, prism.....the list goes on and on and on......

How do you shade your computer screen?

Go to your nearest computer store and there are many types of shades for your screen that you can clip on to the sides of it. There are different types of shapes for different brands.

Do outdoor string lights come in different shapes?

There are many different types and varieties of outdooer string lights. They can be found in different colors shapes sizes and designs. You are sure to find a type that suits your taste.

Show different types of polygon shapes?


What determines the shapes of different types of Cells?

Cell shapes are Genetically Determined by and through Biochemistry.

Why are there so many diffrent types of pasta?

The different shapes of pasta are from different parts of Italy. It has to do with the process and the way they make pasta in that one place. It's a culture thing.

Why do shapes have different degrees?

they have different degreeses because a different degrees is what make different types of shape

What are spacer beads used for?

Spacer beads are used in the making of many different types of jewelry. They are used to separate colors, different beads, stones or charms. Spacer beads come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and also made of many different types of materials.

How many different types of satellites are there?

There are billions and billions of satellites they are all diffrent shapes and sizes here is a list of types.NavigationCommunicationExplorationWeatherAstronomyMilitaryReserch

Why do the different types of volcanoes have different shapes to them?

Because sometimes they have explosions and change shape.

What are the shapes of minerals?

There is no specific answer, there is many types of shapes to minerals, except for the circle/sphere.