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Flat shapes such as polygons are two-dimensional.

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Q: How many dimensions does a flat shape have?
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What is a flat surface with two dimensions?

A shape

What happens to the area when you triple the dimensions to a shape?

When you triple the dimensions of a flat (2-dimensional) shape,the area increases by (3)2 = 9 times.When you triple the dimensions of a solid (3-dimensional) shape,the volume increases by (3)3 = 27 times.

How many dimensions does a quadrilatrel have?

A quadrilateral is a plane shape and therefore has two dimensions.

What is 3g and 3d?

2d is a flat shape with only 2 dimentions (width & length) 3d is a shape with 3 dimensions (width, length and depth)

How many dimensions are in the White House?

3 dimensions. 2 dimensions means flat. the white house has length, width, and height. 3 dimensions, no?

What geometric shape can hold 15 lbs?

Any shape of three or more dimensions. A flat shape, such as a tray, has a thickness - however small - and so is technically a 3-d object.

What has 8 sides?

In three dimensions, it is called an octahedron. The flat shape with eight sides is an octagon. You can look it up in

How many cubic feet is model?

Give the shape and dimensions to get an answer.

A plane is a what with how many dimensions?

A plane is a flat surface with only two dimensions. No real planes are found in space, because all matter has 3 dimensions.

How many Gallons in a retangular tank?

The answer will depend on the dimensions of the tank, not its shape!

How many dimensions does a cuboid have?

A cuboid is a three-dimensional shape.

Is a sphere and a circle the same shape?

Sure.A circle is the shape of every possible CUT through a sphere with a flat knife.