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A hexagonal prism has 18 edges.

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Q: How many edges has hexagon prism have?
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How many edges and faces and vertex does a hexagon prism have?

A prism with an n-sided base will have 2n vertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges.

How do you figure out how many edges are in a hexagonal prism?

The hexagon at one end has 6 edges. The hexagon at the other end also has 6 edges. And then, there are 6 edges joining the two hexagons together. So, in all, there are 6+6+6 = 18 edges. A prism with bases that are n-gons has 3*n edges.

What is the expression for the number of edges of a prism?

Edges = 3 x number of sides in end of prism For example, a hexagonal prism would have 3 x 6 = 18 edges since there are 6 sides to a hexagon.

What shape has 6 rectangular faces 8 vertices and 12 edges?

hexagon prism

Does a hexagonal prism have edges?

Yes. All prisms have edges. Edges are defined as where two faces meet. The base of the prism would have 6 edges since the base would be a hexagon. The second base (or the top) would also have 6 edges since it would have to be another hexagon. lastly, there would be 6 edges connecting the 6 vertices of the bases for a total of 18 edges.

How many edges has a hexagon?

A hexagon is a six side shape, which means it has 6 edges.

How many edges a hexagon?

A hexagon has six sides.

How many faces has got hexagonal?

a hexagon has one face and 6 edges a hexagonal pyramid has 7 faces a hexagonal prism has 8 faces

How many edges on a decagonal prism?

There are 30 edges on a decagonal prism.

How many edges does an nontagonal prism have?

A heptagonal prism has 20 edges.

How many edges does a rectangular prism has?

A rectangular Prism has 12 edges.

How many does the edges of the rectangular prism has?

The rectangular prism has 12 edges.