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I think the answer is 18 because

a cube has 6 face and 3 cubes have 18 faces.

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Q: How many faces does 3 cubes have?
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How many total faces are on six number cubes?

There are 6*6 = 36 faces in all.

How many faces on 236 cubes?

1 cube has 6 faces therefore 236 cubes have 1,416 faces.

How many faces do 1 cubes have?

it has six faces :)

How many faces do cubes have?


How many faces 4 cubes have?

Each cube has 6 faces. So 4 cubes together would have 24 faces.

How many faces do six number cubes have?

six faces

A cube is painted red and then cut into 64 little cubes all of the same size how many of the little cubes have 6 red faces 5 red faces 4 red faces 3 red faces 2 red faces 1 red face?

This is kind of neat. I drew a three dimensional cube. Then divided the faces into 16 squares per face. Then started counting which of those little cubes would have a painted face. I get: 1 red face - 24 cubes 2 red faces - 24 cubes 3 red faces - 8 cubes 4, 5, & 6 red faces - 0 cubes

How many faces does four cubes have?


How many faces do 2 cubes have?


How many faces in two cubes?


Built a large cube from cubes the large cube had 3 small cubes along each edge he painted the 6 faces of the large cube then he took it apart so it was broken up into small cubes how many cubes paint?

All the little cubes except the one at the middle will have 1, 2 or 3 faces with paint on them, ie 26 of them will have some paint on them: 0 faces painted - 1 cube 1 face painted - 6 cubes (the centre ones of each side) 2 faces painted - 12 cubes (the ones in the centre of where two sides meet) 3 faces painted - 8 cubes (the ones in the corners).

How many faces do 6 cubes have?

Each cube has 6 faces, so 6 cubes have 6 x 6= 36.

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