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Q: How many feet is a quarter pipe ramp?
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How big is the mega ramp at the X games?

Mega ramps are 90-170 feet tall depending on the structure. The gaps for the mega ramp are usually 50, 60, 70 and rarely 65 feet. The quarter pipe is 25 feet.

Vert ramp and a quarter pipe?

Vert Ramp=a halfpipe with a vert on the top edge of both sides of it to enable the rider to catch air. (vert)icalQuarterpipe=1/2 of a vert ramp or halfpipe

How do you build a wheelchair?

itll take some money but just make a down ramp on s medium angle and a then a quarter pipe

How much does a ramp cost?

it depends on what kind you want. here are the average costs. Plastic Kicker - $40 Pro Kicker - $75 Plastic Quarter Pipe - $215 Pro Quarter Pipe - $350 Half Pipe - $1000+

What are hips in skateboarding?

a hip is a type of ramp use to get air or gain altitude like most ramps. you have a basic launch ramp or quarter pipe. imagine taking a plumping pipe and cutting it in half then taking a half and cutting it again. now take a plumbing pipe with a 90 degree elbow bend and cutting the top part off. you would have two quarter pipes met by right angle, the hip would be that ramp with a right angle. the same applys to slopes and launch ramps made of a flat ramp that is elevated from one side..... i have no idea when this was asked or if anybody will respond...but i thought this was fun.

Vertical height of the ramp will be 10 feet The horizontal base of the ramp will be 15 feet What will be the length of the downward sloping side of the ramp?

18 feet

Vertical height of the ramp will be 10 feet horizontal base of the ramp will be 15 feet what is the length of the downward sloping side of the ramp?

a2 +b2=c2102 + 152 =c2c=18.03 feet

What do you call a skateboard ramp shaped as a U?

This is called a half pipe.

How do you bri flip on a scooter?

it is easier to briflip on a ramp. first ride at the ramp (quater pipe or box is best) and get as much speed as possible. make sure your hands and feet are comfortable and ready to perform this trick. i put my feet either side of the brake. push upwards with your feet as soon as your scooter leaves the ramp. pop your arms outwards and bring your scooter above your head. put your feet together ready to land. make sure you wear a helmet when doing this. land with both feet bend your knees and ride away

What is a half pipe?

its a pipe that's cut in two or a cement halfpipe looks the same but is in cement

What is the height of a ramp?

2 feet

How many yards long is a 24 feet ramp?

3 feet = 1 yard 24 divided by 3 = 8 yards