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That depends on all of these things:

-- what kind of vehicle you drove

-- how well maintained and adjusted its engine and exhaust system were

-- the condition of the tire tread and the pressure in them

-- the surfacing material and condition of the pavement

-- how much traffic there was

-- how heavy your foot is

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Q: How many gallons of gas are used if you drove 44 miles?
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The Veder family drove 315.5 miles and used 11.4 gallons of gas How many miles did they get per gallon of gas?

Divide the miles by the gallons used. 315.5/11.4 = 27.6754386

If you drove 300 miles and used 20 gallons a gas how many miles to the gallon did you get?

15 mpg (miles per gallon). The key to this 'word problem' is understanding that "miles to the gallon" or more commonly, 'miles per gallon', means DIVISION. So, 300 miles per 20 gallons means: (300 miles) / (20 gallons) = 15 miles per gallon.

If you drove 44 miles and used 2 gallons of gas how many gallons of gas would you use in 528 miles?

This is a two part problem. First, you must determine the number of miles you can travel on one gallon of gas if it takes two gallons to travel 44 miles. This can be solved by dividing the miles driven by the gallons used. In this problem that would be 44/2 or 22 miles per gallon.Next, if you can travel 22 miles on one gallon, you want to determine how many gallons would be required to travel 528 miles. This can be solved by dividing 528 by 22 or 528/22 which equals 24 gallons.

Khia drove 146 miles and used 9 gallons of gasoline How far can she drive on a full tank of 14 gallons?

146/9=16.216.2x14=227.1Your answer is: 227.1

715 miles 14 miles per gallons how many gallons were used?

715/14 = 51.07 gallons (rounded)

How many gallons of gas are used in driving 55 miles?

About 3 gallons of gas are used in driving 55 miles.

What is the mistake in mr king drove 300 miles and he only had to fill his tank up once his car holds 23 gallons when it is full?

The number of gallons used is not given. Just because he filled his tank once and it holds 23 gallons does not mean he used 23 gallons.

Amy drove her car 241 miles the car used 8.07 gallons of gasoline on the drive estimate the cars gasoline mileage in miles per gallon?

Estimate 30 mpg

Delia drove her car 179 miles The car used 6.04 gallons of gasoline on the drive Estimate the car's gasoline mileage in miles per gallon?

179/6.04 = 29.63 mpg

If Nathan drove 213 miles to visit his grandparent his car averaged about 30 miles per gallon of gasoline if x equals the amount of gasoline his car used on this trip?

213mi/30mpg = 7.1 gallons

How do you figure out miles per gallon?

Fill your gas tank to the top and write down your mileage (save it). Drive you car until you have about 1/4 of a tank of gas left. At the pump write down your mileage and fill your tank up to the top again. Subtract your start mileage from your finish mileage. Take the number of miles you drove and divide it by how many gallons of gas it took to refill your tank to the top. This will tell you how many miles you get to a gallon of gas. Example: Beginning mileage; 90,000 miles - Finish mileage; 95,200 miles Gallons used; 20 gallons 95,200 -90,000 ------------- 200 miles 200 miles divided by 20 gallons = 10 miles to the gallon

If a car drive 378 miles on 14 gallons how many miles can a car drive on 1 gallon?

Jace's car used 14 gallons to travel 378 miles. How far can he travel on 13 gallons?