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Q: How many hours a day should you practice reading?
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What is the computer program Perl and how do you use it?

Perl is a programming language, and to use it requires many hours of reading about it and of practice writing programs in it.

How many hours should a level 4 gymnast practice?

2 hours and 30 min. to be a professional\good gymnast <3

How many hours do saina nehwal practice?

saina nehwal practice for 8 hours in day

What should you be prepared for when starting a practice test?

There are many different practice test that you can use to get prepared for a GED test. One of them is the traditional reading, math and writing as well as grammar test.

How many hours do pianists practice everyday?

Pianists normally practice about 8~9 hours everyday.

How many hours does Steve Nash practice?

3 hours

How can you improve your sight reading on piano?

Practice, practice, practice, especially from many different songs in as many different keys as possible. Try to practice at least an hour a day.

How many hours a day do pro bowlers practice?

They practice probably anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a day.

How many hours a day did Michael Johnson practice?

18 hours.

How many hours do you need to practice to be a chess grandmaster?

a lot of hours

How many hours did babe Ruth practice for baseball?

zero hours

How many days of the week do practice squad players practice?

27 hours"