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That would depend on the lawyer, the type of law he's practicing and his employer. I would doubt that any lawyer "only" works 40 hours a week and some may work around the clock or 80 hours a week. But there's no set time frame that's standard for lawyers. There are way too many variables to give a precise answer. To get some idea of the amount of time an attorney spends at their profession, you would need to know what type of law is practiced, if they have their own practice, work for a firm, work for a state, federal or government agency, corporate business, non-profit organization and so on and so on. My own week can be the average 40 hrs. or 60+ hours, depending upon the case load and court schedules.

A hard-working attorney puts in anywhere from 60-100 hours per week depending on the severity of the case. They work so long because the majority of their morning/afternoon is spent in court and/or returning emails and phone calls. Their evenings are spent meeting with clients, preparing paperwork, and researching. Being an attorney is a lucrative career but you pretty much have to devote your life to it.

The working hours of lawyers in the US vary depending on the kind of work they are doing and their position in their law firm.

Junior associates in large firms may work 15 or more hours per day. Senior partners may put in 6-8 hours, or more or less, depending on age, stamina , and interest. Lawyers working in single person firms or small partnerships work as long as there is work.

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Q: How many hours does a lawyer work in a week?
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