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Q: How many jars of pennies would it take to make a thousand dollars?
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How many jars will you need for a thousand pennies?

about 1 jar

What is 8x5 eaqual?

8x5=40 See here is how if you have 8 cookie jars and there are 5 cookies in the jars, there are 40 cookies to give to your friends.

How many of these jars will fill a kiloliter container and why?


What do the numbers on the bottom of the jars mean?

Styles, types and embossing

There are a 1000 pennies in a jar without removing any pennies explain how you can find the mass of one penny?

the question is too vagueif you're allowed to use a good weighing machine then weigh the total jar and divide the answer by 1000 (saying the glass jar has negligible weight and the mass of air negligible)if you know the mass of the glass jar then minus the total weight with the glass jars and then divide by 1000otherwise if you're not allowed to use a weighing machine you can use the water method which would be a bit more complicated. (there are other method to find the weight using vacuum)And moreIt's even more complicated than that! Not all pennies have the same mass, so the experiment is very ill-defined. Pennies (cents, really) made before 1982 have an average mass of 3.11 gm, while cents made after that year have a mass of 2.5 grams. If that's not confusing enough, cents specifically dated 1982 can have either mass depending on where they were made and at what time of the year. IN answer the original question proposed. If you take the jar full of pennies and put it on a scale. Then add a single penny to the jar already full of pennies the weight will increase. This being done one can now subtract the added weight from the original weight of the full jar to find the weight of a single penny

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How many jars will you need for a thousand pennies?

about 1 jar

What is the value of a complete set of Blue Mason Jars?

120 dollars

A factory produced 19,500 jars of apple sauce on Thursday. To the nearest thousand, which of the following could be the number of jars of apple sauce produced by factory on Thursday?


How much does 432 jars of baby food cost?

7000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,1 dollars dumb a**

What was inside the jars?

What jars? Do you mean the ancient egyptian canopic jars? In that case it would be: liver, lungs, stomach, intestines.

What do the numbers on pink Lamb Mason Jars mean I have four jars and their numbers are 3 9 13 and 18?

The numbers found on Lamb Mason jars, and all Mason jars, are mold numbers. The numbers 3,9,13, and 18 would be the number of the mold the jars were made from. The jar originally started out as clear but as it aged it would turn pink.

Does homemade salsa have to be boiled before canning in jars?

You would want to have anything you're canning pretty hot when you put it in the jars, yes. Cold filling, sealing, and heating will cause jars to explode.

Who would be most likely to study the remains of clay jars to determine what they once held?

Who would be most likely to examine the remains of clay jars to determine what they once held?

What where IN six jars in the corner of the ewells yard?

The six jars in the Ewells' yard contained objects symbolizing the abusive and neglectful environment in which the family lived. These objects included old pennies, chewing gum, a spelling medal, a broken watch, and a knife. They were likely artifacts reflecting the Ewells' poverty, ignorance, and troubled family dynamics.

What sizes do fruit jars come in?

The sizes of fruit jars vary depending on what these jars are to be used for. Some of the sizes available are pint, quart, and gallon sizes. The metric versions would be be measured in millileters and liters in varying sizes.

Is it safe to eat refrigerated strawberry preserves 4 years old?

If the jars were sealed properly and not opened, I would think it would be safe to eat. However, without seeing the jars or contents I would not want to recommend anything.

Why do Egyptians have organ jars in their tombs?

The things in the jars were their organs. They took them out when they died, because they were the things that decomposed the fastest. The Egyptians knew they would need them in the afterlife.