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Q: How many kids get injured per year?
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How many NBA players get injured each year?

about 375 injuries per year

How many kids get peer pressure per year?

A lot.

How many kids are adopted per year?

120000 children are adopted each year.

How many days per year do kids in Africa have?

365 all you have to do is answer the question

How many people get injured playing the Wii per year?

It is a rumour that someone gets hurt from playing with a Nintendo Wii.

How many kids per year are arrested for smoking or vandalism?

more than 5,000 kids are arrested and under 20. :)

How many kids in the US get hurt yearly?

about 200,000 children per year are hurt

How many kids per year are killed playing on round hay bales?

Over 100 kids die a year from playing near hay bales.

How many beauty pageants for kids are held per year?

About 200 are hosted each year all around the world

How many kids are kidnaped each year?

3 children per hour in the us alone

How many off springs should a goat produce per year?

Does should only get pregnant once a year as otherwise it takes too much energy from them. The number of kids they will have per pregnancy will depend on their age, size and nutrition and how many ova were fertilized, normally they have between one and two kids per kidding but can have up to five kids.

How many people start smoking per year?

It is estimated that around 8 million people start smoking worldwide each year.