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The answer is infinite number of lines

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Q: How many line contains in one points?
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A line contains at least one point?

A line contains at least 2 points.

How many points form a line?

one point can form a line! horizontally or vertically... but a line doesn't need any points.

How many line segments can be drawn from two points?

There is only one line (or line segment) that can be drawn between two distince points.

What are the two specific points of a line segment?

Any line segment has infinitely many points and each one of them is specific to that line segment.

What are points through which one line can be drawn?

many points, even curved line as long as the line is not broken it could go on for infinity!

Give a line and a point not on the line how many planes do they define?

They define one plane. A line is defined by two points, and it takes three points to define a plane, so two points on the line, and one more point not on the line equals one plane.

If line d intersects plane F then how many points on line d also lie on plane F?

There are one or infinitely many points.

Does a line always have two points?

Normally a straight line has infinitely many points. It is only in one case of projective geometry that lines have two points.

How many lines pass between two points?

If the line is straight, then only one line may connect two points.

What are the two line segments that contains two points of the circle?

Regardless of where you mark two points on a circle, there's only one possible line segment between them. It's called a "chord" of the circle.

How many lines are there in 100 points?

If the points are arranged on an imaginary line with one line connecting each point to its neighbor, there will be 99 lines (or line segments).

How many points determine exactly one line?

It takes exactly 2 distinct points to uniquely define a line, i.e. for any two distinct points, there is a unique line containing them.

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