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A line contains at least 2 points.

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Q: A line contains at least one point?
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Is a line imaginary?

no because it has lengthIn complex geometry, an imaginary line is a straight line that only contains one real point.

What is an accumulation point?

In mathematics, an accumulation point is a point such that every neighbourhood of the point contains at least one point in a given set other than the given point.

What is a piece of line with one point?

One point cannot make a line or even a piece of a line. You need at least two points (in projective geometry) and infinitely many in classic geometry.

How many bisectors are in a segment?

Infinitely many. Each line segment contains one point which bisects it. Any one of the infinite lines through that point, apart from the original line, is a bisector.

If a plane contains one point of a line then it must contain the entire line?

No, a plane can contain only one point of a line. Picture a piece of paper with a pencil stabbed through it. The paper is the plane, and the pencil is the line. The pencil/line only touches the paper/plane at one point. Hope this helped! If it did, please recommend me. -Brad

Only one plane can pass through one line and a point that is not on the line?

I'd feel a lot more comfortable if you said "... can contain one line and a point ...".When you say "pass through one line", I picture a sword passing through a tight pieceof string. If that's how your plane passes through the line, then the statement in your"question" is false. If your plane contains the line and the extra point, then the statementis true ... only one plane can do that.

How do you use the y-intercept to graph a line?

The y-intercept identifies one point on a line. You need at least two points to determine a straight line.

Why does every line have at least one bisection point?

Every line segment has exactly one bisection point - not "at least one".A line segment has a length that is a finite real number, x, of some measurement units. Every real number can be divided by 2 to give another real number, y. Therefore y = x/2 or x = 2y.A point that is y units from one end of the line will also be x - y = 2y - y = y units from the other end. That is the point is the bisection point.

What the slope intercept form of the points -65 and 814?

that is one point, you need at least two for a line.

Has at least one line of symmetry?

this shape has at least one line of symmetry The answer is:- Symmetrical.

What is the least needed information to find the equation of a line?

The least needed information can be given in different formats, which are equivalent: -- the slope of the line and its intercept on either axis -- the slope of the line and any one point on it -- any two points on the line

Does every isosceles triangle have at least one line of symmetry?

Yes, every isosceles triangle has at least one line of symmetry, usually drawn down the middle from the top point, down in the middle of the triangle's base.

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