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Q: How many minutes does the physical craving for nicotine typically last?
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How fast can the doctor find out if nicotine is in your system?

Five minutes.

Can chewing tobacco give you a headache?

yes it has nicotine in it which is a drug. nicotine poisioning is when you get a headache from nicotine, also more severe nicotine poisioning can cause light headedness, nausea, and also cause you to vomit. if you are a lightweight on nicotine if you put a big dip in its enough to make you throw up after about 25 minutes. but you will probably feel so bad before you ever make it to 25 minutes. my first i was lightheaded after 5 minutes of putting it in.

Why cant you eat and drink 15 minutes before and after having a nicotine lozenge?

Acidic foods and drinks can keep nicotine gum and inhalers from working

The patch or nicotine gum which works better?

AnswerMost professionals recommend the patch. Nicotine gum sustains the oral satisfaction that comes from puffing on a cigarette. The patch removes the nicotine cravings, while giving you an opportunity to break the associated habits like lighting up when you're on the phone, after a meal, etc.Walking for a half hour every day will help keep your metabolism revved up and keep you from gaining as much weight. Nicotine cessation, all else being equal, causes a slowdown in metabolism and you will gain weight otherwise.AnswerThe patch is SO much better than the gum. You can never seem to satisfy your nicotine craving with the gum. You have to chew it a few times, and then press it against your cheek for a few minutes, to let the nicotine absorb. And you just can't ever seem to get enough nicotine out of the gum.But with the patch, that craving for nicotine is just GONE. I know you're not really supposed to, but I wear the patch at work, so I don't have to keep taking cigarette breaks. And I can sometimes go a whole 8 hours without a cigarette, and without becoming irritable and antsy. I can honestly forget about cigarettes, instead of always thinking about my next smoke break. With the gum, that just wasn't possible.

How long does a ''high'' last for nicotine?

bout 10 minutes. then you smoke another. 5 minutes. keeps lasting less and less.

How quickly can nicotine addict begin to experience withdrawal symptoms?

as soon as 30 minutes after the last dose

How soon after usage before nicotine will be detected in a urine test?

17 minutes and 35 seconds. interestingly 2 hours and 47 minutes if you dont inhale

How do you find Chinese massage parlors?

Actually I find them quite relaxing but I find myself craving another massage in about 30 minutes.

Why are people so addicted to cigarettes?

Nicotine is used in the making of cigarettes and most people use it as a depressant.It also causes the release of natural chemicals in our brain called beta-endorphins. These chemicals cause us to feel more alert and calm. The problem is that nicotine isn't stored in the body so these effects last only a few minutes. We need to absorb more and more nicotine to make the effects last. because of nicotine, a drug that makes your brain think that it needs more through physical dependence (that's when you get other side effects when you don't smoke).

Is nicotine addicting?

Yes. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known.

What happens if nicotine get in your eye?

Nicotine in the eye can cause irritation, redness, tearing, and a burning sensation. It is important to flush the eye with clean water for several minutes and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

How much nicotine is in hookah tobacco?

45-60 minutes of smoking hookah are equal to chain smoking 15 cigarettes.