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AwnserOnly 30 Minutes a Day.An hour To Lose weight.
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Q: How many minutes of exercise are recommended per day?
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How many minutes of exercise are recommended for a 9 year old per day?

At least 60

How many minutes of exercise are recommended per week?

round about 30mins a day but 60 is best!!

Should you exercise for 60 minutes or not?

moderate to vigorous

How much time do you have to do an exercise per day?

Any exercise is better than nothing, but it is recommended that you get about 30 minutes of exercise per day. More if you can.

How much does the average American exercise?

Less then 15% of the American Population gets the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day.

How many minutes per day does the average American exercise?

8 minutes

Why do you need to do lots of exercise?

To keep your bones and body healthy. However if you have too much exercise , you could kill yourself. Recommended amount: 30 minutes a day

How much exercise should one do to stay healthy?

It is recommended that you exercise for 20 minutes a day, three times per week. This is enough to keep your heart healthy.

What is the recommended amount of exercise per week for a 26 year old to lose weight?

Around 30-90 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise a day, 5 or more days of the week, is recommended by the American Heart Association for weight loss.

How many minutes of exercise are required daily to keep heart healthy?

about 30 minutes per day

How many hours of exercise should you do a day on average?

A minimum of 30 minutes.

How many time should you exercise to be active?

30 minutes of cardio a day.