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About all do, but the extent varies. Some have reasonable dress codes, while others seek to remove ALL autonomy in terms of dress and pretend everything is "disruptive." So the issue is not so much of whether there is a dress code, but how extensive.

Honor students should not be suspended nor expelled for wearing tiny nose rings or wearing dreadlocks. The school should have no right to control what someone does with their body or hair when at home. But when they forbid certain things at school, they are in effect forbidding them at home too.

It seems best for children to be around different ways of dress and different individual and cultural expressions so they won't be bullies or bigots when they are older. Yes, children should be taught to follow rules, but the rules must be reasonable and fair. Sure, life is not always fair, but we should never teach children how to add to the unfairness that already exists. Childhood is the time to express yourself.

In last year of high school, the school will generally be less bothered about students wearing their own clothing.

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Q: How many public schools have a dress code?
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How many schools have a dress code?

205000 million a year

Should public schools be allowed to have dress codes?

Yes yes yes. Dress code is among the many rules a school in general needs to have. Not saying all teens would wear inappropriate clothing, but there are a handful that would. Dress code is not put in place to punish or limit a student, its really put in place to deferobjectivity.

Do Chile schools wear uniforms?

Yes, many schools in Chile require students to wear uniforms as part of their dress code. This practice is common in both public and private schools across the country. Uniforms typically consist of specific polo shirts, skirts, pants, and shoes in designated colors.

How many public high schools were there in 1860?

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Do public schools have advisory?

Yes. Many public middle and high schools have advisory.

How many schools are in Tulsa Oklahoma?

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How many middle schools does Omaha Public Schools have?

There are 11 middle schools in the Omaha Public School District

How many school days in public schools in Massachusetts?

There are 135 schools in the Boston Public Schools system.

What is the dress code for middle schools?

Some can be any type of clothes, but for certain schools it is usually a solid polo shirt tucked in with khaki pants with a belt or khaki shorts. Usually you cant have to many pockets in your pants.

How do dress codes and uniforms change the way people act?

The last forty years in public education has seen many changes in school dress. Students are generally permitted in most present day public schools to choose what to wear to school with limited restraints. At the same time, as most school districts allow students all this freedom, schools are viewed by the public as a panacea for the ills of society. Schools are expected to solve all of America's social, economic, and political problems (Perkinson, 1995.) Yet with this freedom, schools are also expected to operate a well-disciplined, structured environment that is conducive to learning. The overwhelming majority of students wear jeans and sneakers in present day public schools. On warm days, many female students wear clothes that are immodest and provocative. Many students wear pierced jewelry virtually everywhere - from their eyebrows to their navels. It is not unusual for students to dye their hair pink or green or multi-colored. The disaster at Columbine High School in Colorado a year ago revealed a dress code where students were permitted to wear trench coats, excessive jewelry and make-up, and eccentric hair styles and clothing. The Columbine incident alone stimulates argument that the lack of a dress code may affect the level of safety in a school. If students were not permitted to wear coats, it would be more difficult to conceal weapons. However, a statement could also be made that the incident at Columbine High would have happened anyway, with or without a mandatory dress code for its students.

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How did late 19th-century public schools change?

Public Schools took in a huge growth spurt during the late 19th century. MAny children who had never received any form of formal education began attending Public Schools. Also, many immigrants began attending public schools. Public Schools took in a huge growth spurt during the late 19th century. MAny children who had never received any form of formal education began attending Public Schools. Also, many immigrants began attending public schools.