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Q: How many times per second does a engine piston go up?
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How many times does a piston move up and down in a second?

In a typical four-stroke engine, a piston moves up and down twice in one full cycle. Therefore, in an engine running at 3000 RPM, each piston would move up and down 3000 times per minute, or 50 times per second.

How many piston in four stroke engine in 150 cc?

I have a 149 cc engine on my lawnmower and it has ( 1 ) piston

How many times per second does the intake valve open at 6000 rpm?

50 times per second on a 4 cycle engine.

How many pistons in a v8 engine?

An engine has one piston for each cylinder, so a V8 will have eight pistons.An engine has one piston for each cylinder, so a V8 will have eight pistons.

How many pistons in tractor engine?

There is only one piston in Tractor.It is on the engine,which is on the front side.

What is the maximum altitude that a aeroplane can achieve?

You will have to be more specific as there are many factors to consider ie:- Type of aircraft Piston engine Piston engine turbo charged Jet engined

How many piston in dc3 engine?

Depending on which variant, either nine or 14.

On a 94 2.2 engine where is the location of number 1 piston?

Many manufactures make a 2.2 engine. What make are you asking about?

How many spark plugs are usually in a piston powered aircraft engine?

the world will never know

Component of internal combustion engine?

There are many components but the most noteable are the block, head, crankcase, cylinder, piston, piston rod, crank shaft, camshaft, and flywheel.

What is the weight of a piston engine?

Piston engines vary from little 1 cylinder engines that power a weed trimmer or leaf blower to HUGE 12-18 cylinder engines that power a large ship or a railroad train. There is no one answer to your question. A piston engine can weigh a few ounces to many tons.

Does a car have as many pistons as it does cylinders?

YES ! -Each cylinder in a conventional car engine has one piston.