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Q: How many trigonometric ratios are there?
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Why do similar triangles have the same trigonometric ratios?

Trigonometric ratios are characteristics of angles, not of lengths. And, by definition, the corresponding angles an similar triangles have the same measures.

What does trigonometric identities all about?

They are true statements about trigonometric ratios and their relationships irrespective of the value of the angle.

How did people measure the height of Mt Everest?

Trigonometric ratios.

What is the difference between a tangent and a secant?

They are different trigonometric ratios!

What the three main trigonometric ratios mean?

sin, cos and tan

What trigonometric ratios cannot be greater than one?

Sine and cosine.

Explain how distances can be found using a right triangle?

Using trigonometric ratios.

Can this be used for sines?

No. Sines are well defined trigonometric ratios whereas "this" is not defined at all.

What complements tan 132 degree angle?

Complements are defined for angles, not trigonometric ratios of angles.

How do you find trigonometric ratios without a calculator?

There are a few ways. First, there are a multitude of trigonometric tables which list the sines and cosines of a variety of values. if you now one trigonometric value of a number, you can find all the others by hand, and you can also use a Taylor series approximation to find a fairly accurate value. (In fact, many calculators use Taylor series to find trigonometric values.)

Does a rectangular prism have any secants?

Yes, since it has vertices it has angles and since it has angles it has trigonometric ratios

How do you choose the sides in trigonometry?

We take side to take trigonometric ratios according 2 the vertex of triangle which is given.