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Q: How many units are in algebra 2 for apex?
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How many units are in algebra 2 apex sem 2?

6 units

How many units are in algebra 1 apex sem 2?

6 units

How many units are in the algebra 2 apex?

12 units ,2 semesters. each semester carries 6 units

Where can you find answers for apex-vs algebra 2?

use wolfram alpha

Does WikiAnswers work for apex algebra 2?

Probably. If you feel like trusting your apex algebra 2 (whatever that is) to random strangers on the Internet who might decide it would be more fun to give you plausible-but-wrong answers than to do your homework for you. (Arguably safer, as well; I for one do not want to drive over any bridge designed by an engineer who passed algebra only by virtue of copying from WikiAnswers!)

Is geometry ahead of Algebra 2?

In many schools, Geometry is considered one grade-level lower than Algebra 2. It goes Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and so on. Note that this is a generalization, and may not be true at your school.

To the nearest hundredth what is a circumference of a circle with a radius of 7 units?

if you mean a radius of 5 units then the answer is 78.54 APEX

How is elementary algebra different from algebra 1 or 2?

It isn't; the algebra 1 and 2 that you get taught in middle or high school is elementary algebra. When (if you want to) you get into more advanced algebra, you can learn linear algebra (matrix algebra) and abstract algebra (which involves sets, operations on sets, groups, and many more concepts), and probably several more types of algebra I've never heard of.

How many lines of symmetry does a retangle have?

2 --Algebra 2 Teacher

How many units are in 2 liters of cider?

2 units.

In addition to moving the graph of a function around the Cartesian coordinate system you can also change the graphs?

Answer: Shape Source: Apex Algebra 2 Course

Why do you have to take Algebra 2?

Algebra 2 is not just a repeat of algebra, you are still studying the form of math called algebra but algebra is a wide topic and in Algebra 2 your simply getting into the more advanced aspects of that topic.