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The 4 letters can be arranged in 24 different sequences.

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Q: How many way can you arrange the word home?
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How many ways can you arrange 2 letters in a given word?

Given two letters, there are two ways to arrange them; first then second, or second then first. The way the question is worded, the other letters of the word do not matter.

How many different ways can you arrange the word compare?

Since the letter of the word COMPARE are distinct, i.e. none of them repeat, then the number of different way you can arrange them is simply the number of permutations of 7 things taken 7 at a time. That is 7! or 5040.

What does the word stowed mean?

Stow: To place or arrange, especially in a neat, compact way. I stowed my books into my locker.

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Manipulating text makes it easier for you to change or arrange the way the text looks.

How many different ways can you arrange these 3 cards side by side?

In 6 way

How do you arrange the numbers 7 9 56 and 72?

There are no restrictions to the way in which you can arrange them.

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Arrange to be born that way

How many way can you arrange 20 books on 2 shelves where no shelve can be empty?

Approx 257 quadrillion ways.

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How many way you could arrange 4 pictures?

4 x 3 x 2 = 24 different ways

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