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Assuming you are using a "builder's" yard = cubic yard:

3 ft = 1 yd

36 in = 1 yd

→ 110 ft × 5 ft × 4 in = 110 ÷ 3 yd × 5 ÷ 3 yd × 4 ÷ 36 yd ≈ 6.79 cu yds

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Q: How many yards of concrete would it take for sidewalk 110 feet long 5 feet wide 4 inches thick?
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How many bags of cement sand and gravel to make 1 square yard of concrete?

Figure about 1/2 cubic foot per 60 lb bag. The basic formula is to use equal amounts of cement, sand, and gravel. There are 27 cubic yards per cubic foot. It depends upon how thick you are planning to pour the concrete. For one foot thick, you would need 9 cubic feet of concrete. For 6" thick, you would need 4 1/2 cubic feet. I'll give you the answers for 1 ft thick and for 6" thick. For 1 foot thick, you need 9 cubic feet at 1/2 cubic foot per 60 lb bag equals 18-60 lb bags. That's six 60 lb bags of concrete, plus six 60 lb bags of sand, plus 360 lbs of gravel. For 6 inches thick, divide each of these by 2 to give 3-60 lb bags of concrete, 3-60 lb bags of sand, plus 180 lbs of gravel.

How thick is 3.05 inches?

3.05 inches is 3.05 inches thick. If you would like it converted to another unit of measure, please specify. A common note card is 3 inches wide.

How many yards of gravel would cover 400 sq ft at 6 thick?

I think you mean 6 inches thick, not 6 feet thick. You would need 200 cubic feet, or 7.4 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards of concrete are necessary for a wall 7 thick 9' and 12' long?

252 cubic yardsI'm sure that the "7 thick" meant 7 inches thick.In that case, it will be 63 cu.ft. = 2.33333 cu.yds.Should the wall have an unlikely thickness of 7 feet, then the volume would be 28.0 cu.yds.(1 cu.yd. = 27 cu.ft.)

How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 24 ft x 40 ft x 12 inches thick?

24 x 40 x 12in = 24ft x 40ft x 1ft = Volume = 24 * 40 * 1 = 960ft³ = 9.865yd³

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How big is a 8 cubic feet slab of concrete 3 inches thick?

If you made a sidewalk about 2.5' wide it would be about 13' long.

How much cement is needed to build a sidewalk that is 132 inches long 24 inches wideand 3 inches think?

Well, you make a sidewalk from concrete, not just cement. Concrete consists of cement, sand, gravel and water. You will need 5.5 cubic feet of concrete. A standard sidewalk grade of concrete would be 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, 3 parts gravel- so the sidewalk needs 0.91 cu ft of cement- about 87 pounds worth- plus sand and gravel. If you want to buy the premixed bags of concrete (like Sacrete), you will need about 17 of the 40 pounds bags. And you did not ask, but 3 inches is kind of skinny- I would go for at least a 4 inch thick sidewalk.

If a sidewalk at your house measures 48 wide 4-inches thick and is 40-feet long how many cubic feet of concrete are in the sidewalk?

53 and 1/3 cubic feet, concrete is normally sold buy the cubic yard, this would be 1.975 cubic yards. Figure on 2.25 CU yards to be safe. You do not want to run short when pouring concrete.

Can you pour a concrete sidewalk over top of another existing concrete sidewalk?

No do to the concrete settling the concrete on top would split

How much concrete would it take for a 40'x50' five inches thick?

30.81 cubic yards

How many yards of concrete would it take to cover a 16 ' X 14' area 4 inches thick?

8.25 cubic yards of concrete

How many yards of concrete will cover 20x20?

Depends on how thick it is. At 4 inches thick, you would nee about 5.5 cubic yards adjusting for safety. At 6 inches, you'd need about 8 cubic yards. You can play with different thicknesses with the linked concrete pad calculator.

How many yards of concrete would it take in 408square feet?

151/9 cubic yards for every 12 inches thick

How many sq ft does a yard of concrete cover concrete cover?

1 cubic yard covers 324 square feet per inch of thickness, divide 324 by thickness in inches to get coverage, i.e. 4 inches thick would cover 324/4=81 square feet, 36 inches thick would cover (you guessed it) 9 square feet.

Is lightweight concrete sturdy enough for a sidewalk?

This will depend on what the use of the sidewalk is. It would not work in a busy urban area, but as a path in the garden it would work well.

What is the formula to figure cubic yards of concrete at 8 inches thick?

A pad that is 4 inches think covers 80ish sq ft per yard, so 8 inch would be 40ish sq ft per yard of concrete

How much does 30 square foot of concrete weigh?

It is all dependant on how thick the concrete is. You take the square footage and turn that into cubed feet (where the thickness comes in) if its 1" thick you multiply the square footage by.083, if its 2" thick you multiply by.17. To come up with this number you take the thickness say 3" and divide that by 12 (12 inches in a foot), so for 3 inches you get .25. So back to the question at hand, say your 30 square feet of concrete is 6 inches thick, your equation would look like this: 30 X .5 = 15. So 15 is your cubed footage. You then multiply this number by 150 which is the weight in pounds of 1 cubic foot of concrete. The number you come up with is 2,250. That is the amount in pounds of your 30 square feet of concrete assuming it is 6 inches thick.