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Q: How might a conventional score be better than a graphic score?
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How was a graphic score made?

a graphic score is made of tiny little notes

What are the advantages of a staff notation over a graphic score?

Graphic score is much easier to follow, even for those who don't read staff notation. A graphic score also shows patterns in the music and helps define the overall structure of a piece.The fact that it is easy to follow makes graphic score ideal to support listening activities in the classroom, giving the students something to focus on while listening.A disadvantage of graphic score can be that performers don't know exactly what notes to play, if performing from the score...although since this aspect of graphic score would mean a slightly different performance each time it is played this could be seen as an advantage as well!

When was a music graphic score invented?

In the Middle-Ages

Who invented graphic score?

Mc nevis lite

How is a graphic score written down?

it is from left to right

What does graphic mean in graphic score?

A GRAPHIC score in music is like a normal score but instead of notes the composer or author of the piece of muic will use pictures to reperesent notes or sounds or the piece of music sometimes the author could use a devise key saying a thin line is a bepping noice or a bang on a drum etc...

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no. you will not get a better score. if it's messy cursive you might get a lower score than if you wrote in print. ------------------- For the essay, it's probably better to print (or simply, write in the most legible font). For the signature, sign in cursive. This might mean quickly reviewing what you learned in 2nd grade (yes, I had to do this too).

What is a Graphic Score?

A graphic score is like a normal music score but instead of notes, the composer uses images to indicate sounds/notes e.g. a lightning bolt to represent thunder. Also, the composer sometimes devises a key to say, for example, a thick line is a loud sound and a thin line is a quiet sound. :) hope this helped :)

What does the performer do when playing a graphic score?

don't know ask a performer youself

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using graphic score?

easy to read helps define the overall structure of the piece

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