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10*13*3 = 390 cubic inches.

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Q: How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 10' by 13' that is 3' deep?
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How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 3' by 4' that is 3' deep?

36 cubic feet of dirt=)

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 12' by 70' that is 4 inches deep?

10-1/2 cubic yards

How many square yards of dirt are needed to fill a hole that is 803 square feet?

The question cannot be answered in a sensible way. The size of the hole is given in only two dimensions - in all likelihood, that means the area that the hole covers but not how deep it is. The amount of dirt required to fill the hole will depend on the depth of the hole as well.

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 2 feet x 3 feet?

None it's a hole

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 10' by 18' that is 12' deep?

Assuming a rectangular (3-D) shape, multiply the three numbers. The answer will be in cubic feet.

How much dirt would it take to fill a hole 8 feet in diameter and 3 feet deep?

If this is a circular hole, it will take about 151 cubic feet of dirt.

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 24' by 40' that is 1.5 inches deep?

You need 4.44 cubic yard, they tell you to always round up, 4.5 cubic yards is what you need to get to fill this area.

How many yards of dirt to fill a hole thirty feet in diameter and two feet deep?

how much sand and other humous is in the dirt ??

How many bags of dirt are needed to fill a hole 27 ft long 4 ft wide and 6 inches deep?

You will need 20 cubic yards of dirt, which is 2 loads in a tandem dump truck.

How much dirt in a rectangular hole 4 ft wide by 6 ft long by 12ft deep?

There is NO dirt, it is a hole! If you want to fill it with dirt, that is 4x6x12=288 cubic feet, weighing about 28,800 pounds

A hole that is 2 yards wide3 yards long and 1 yard deep How many cubic feet of dirt are in it?

None because it's a hole but 6 cubic yards of dirt will fill it up.

How much dirt is in a hole 4 meters deep and 2 meters wide?

A hole does not have dirt!

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