How much do a hexagon equals?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Hexagon's internal angles measures 120 degrees and the sum of 6 angles is 720 degrees.

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Q: How much do a hexagon equals?
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What does a hexagon equal?

A hexagon equals a polygon with six sides.

Which is true about a circle is inscribed in a hexagon?

The radius of a circle inscribed in a regular hexagon equals the length of one side of the hexagon.

Six sided shape equals?

A hexagon.

What is 6 equals s of a h?

Sides in a hexagon

6 equals S of a H?

6 Sides of a Hexagon

How much can fit in a hexagon?

The answer depends on the size of the hexagon.

What is a polygon called if the sum of its interior angles equals 720?

It is a hexagon.

What is the length of line segment ef in the hexagon bc equals 50m ba equals 40m CD equals 20m af equals 30m?


What fraction of a hexagon equals one trapezoid?

A hexagon has 6 sides whereas a trapezoid has 4 sides therefore a hexagon is 6/4 or 3/2 of a trapezoid as an improper fraction.

Find the perimeter of the regular hexagon L equals 4.55?

Unless I've really misunderstood, the perimeter of a hexagon whose sides are length 4.55 is 6*4.55 = 27.3. As a hexagon has 6 sides.

What is 2 hexagons and one-half of a hexagon equal a fraction?

2 hexagons and 1 half hexagon, equals 2.5 as a fraction (in decimal form).

What is a polygon called if each interior angle equals 120?

A [regular] hexagon.