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my babysitter makes 100 dollars per 5 kids

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Q: How much does a live in babysitter make per hour for 5 kids?
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How much should a babysitter make an hour?

A babysitter should be paid about 7 $ and hour

What shouldn't a babysitter do?

make the kids cry

How much money does a babysitter make an hour?

$5 to $10 per hour

How much does a babysitter usually make per hour?

About $8 per hour

How much does a babysitter make?

i think you will get $8 per hour

How much money does a babysitter make in a month?

This depends on: what country the babysitter lives in how many hours the babysitter works each month how much per hour the babysitter gets paid

How much an hour does a babysitter make in granbury tx?

it depends on the the person and their experience.

How much does a baby sitter earn per hour?

A babysitter's earnings will depend on where she or he is located in the country and what the going rate is. Daytime or evening will also make a difference as will how many kids there are. The average babysitter makes anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars an hour. Babysitters who charge by the week generally make from 80 to 150 dollars per child.

What does a good babysitter need to know?

how to keep the kids entertained and to make sure they don't die

What might a babysitter do on the job that would keep you from hiring them again?

let kids fun wild and also let them make a mess and then the babysitter wont clean up after them.

How much money does Monique Coleman make?

Monique Coleman is a babysitter. She makes $15 dollars an hour!

What is the average pay per hour for a babysitter in the Chicago area?

I say that it is $5 per child, per hour. (i.e.- if you have 2 kids for 2 hours that's $20.) I babysit for a minimum of $15 an hour, and I'd say that's average. I have friends who make $25+ an hour here. My mom paid $5 an hour 17 years ago for 2 kids. Depends on age of sitter, high school or below should be paid between $8-10.

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