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it can help us to count are measure

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Q: How statistics useful in your daily life?
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Importance of statistics in your daily life?

I'd say 4/5 of the time they are 92% useful

How are statistics useful in daily life?

Statistics can be helpful and found in everyday life. You use it to calculate the percentage of people with diabetes, a basketball player's shooting percentage, freethrow percentage, losing weight, etc...

Application of statistics in your daily life?

Statistics found in your daily life include the dollar amounts of bills you have to pay. Statistics are also used in weather forecasts and the stock market.

What are the projects related to statistics for CBSE class X?

what projects can be made relating statistics to daily life (for class 10)?? what projects can be made relating statistics to daily life (for class 10)??

How useful are sets in your daily life?

Sets of what?

What are the uses of statistics in daily life?

A couple of ways that statistics show up in daily life are through weather forecasts and when you buy things at a store. They are also essential for the stock market to operate.

What is the application of ORDER statistics in daily life?

what are the real life examples of order staistics

How useful is set in your daily life?

Intensely useful on the grounds that it enables me to get to the following day.

How are Acids useful in your daily life?

Multiple acids digest the food you ingest daily.

The importance of statistics you n daily life?

The importance of statistics in you daily life can be seen in the decisions you make after interpreting data. For instance, you can know how much water to drink, how much food to eat and so much more.

Is English useful to your daily life?

It would depend where you live.

What are the uses of acid in your daily life?

fruits contain acids which r useful for our daily activities