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A logical chain of steps, supported by postulates,defentions, and theroems, to prove a statement is true. -ERA -2-

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Q: How would you describe direct proof geometry?
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How would you prove a direct proof in geometry?

Once you familiarize yourself with the basic axioms and theorems of geometry, you will be able to see how they apply to the proof of any particular problem that you may be working on.

How do you do a proof for theorem 3.9 in geometry?

Theorem 3.9. If two lines are perpendicular, then they intersect to form 4 right angles. You would do a proof by using your hands.

Is it True Or false Euclid Was the first to apply for geometry?

I would describe that statement, that Euclid was the first to apply for geometry, as confusing, rather than as being either true or false. People apply for jobs, they apply for loans, they apply for disability payments, they apply for grants, but they do not apply for geometry. People study geometry, they write about geometry (which is what Euclid did) and they use geometry to solve various problems, but they don't apply for geometry.

Why is there no direct proof of the infinity of primes naturals sqrt2 after 2000 years?

A direct proof of the infinity of primes would require what is essentially a formula to calculate the Nth prime number; such a formula isn't even guaranteed to exist. It's possible to formulate a proof of the infinity of primes that would be, in a sense, direct. A direct proof that the square root of 2 is irrational is impossible, because the irrational numbers aren't defined in any direct way - just as the real numbers which aren't rational. So to prove that the square root of 2 is irrational, we have to prove that it's not rational, which requires indirect techniques.

What best describe a direct democracy?

A direct democracy is a democracy that is controlled by direct voting. Whoever gets the most votes wins. Basically, the one with the most votes would get the Presidency.

Why do we learn indirect proofs in Geometry?

Indirect proofs are a very useful tool, not just in geometry, but in many other areas - making it possible to prove things that would be hard or impossible to prove otherwise. An example outside of geometry is the fairly simple proof, often found in high school algebra textbooks, that the square root of 2 is not a rational number.

Do 7th graders who are in geometry take the geometry CST or the pre algebra CST?

They would take the geometry CST

What term would best describe Charles Darwin's decision to sail aboard the HMS Beagle?


How would the world be if Rene Descartes never discovered geometry?

Descartes did not discover geometry - he invented analytical geometry, which enabled mathematicians to use algebra to solve problems in geometry and geometry to solve problems in algebra. The world would be less developed than now, as would be the case with most discoveries.

What is the electron pair geometry for O3?

the electron pair geometry would be trigonal planar because there is a lone pair on the oxygen atom. The molecular pair geometry would be bent

What is the meaning of the term foolproof?

Foolproof usually refers to instructions or directions. In this cases if someone was to describe instructions or directions as "foolproof" it would mean that anyone would understand them. The term literally comes from the two words "fool" and "proof", where "fool" refers to an idiot and "proof" refers to failsafe, coming together to describe that something is failsafe against even a fool.

What are the disadvantages of verbal contracts?

Lack of proof that would make them enforceable.Lack of proof that would make them enforceable.Lack of proof that would make them enforceable.Lack of proof that would make them enforceable.