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Q: If a box of the rectangle equal 3 what is the answer?
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How many equal sides does rectangle have?

A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides. In a rectangle, the equal sides are opposite of each other. A square has four equal sides.

How do you divide a rectangle into 3 equal parts?

to cut a rectangle into 3 equal parts, you make 2 lines each a little of center. adjust the line so the 3 parts are equal

What is the shape of cereal box?

3-dimensional rectangle.

Draw an irregular figure that has a perimeter of 16?

Imagine a rectangle with a box sitting on top. The base of the rectangle has a width of 6. The sides have a height of 1. On either side of the box, which is the top of the rectangle, is a length of 2. The sides of the box equal 1 high. The top of the box measures 2 across.

What picture can you draw to find 3 divided by 1 half?


Area of a 3 by 3 rectangle?

There is no area because rectangles do not have equal sides.

What are 3 attributes of a rectangle?

-- Opposite sides are parallel.-- Opposite sides are equal.-- Angles are all equal.

How do a rectangle with four equal sides look like?

A rectangle with four equal sides would not be a rectangle, it would be a square. In a rectangle opposite sides are equal in length and are parallel.

How do you divide a rectangle 3 equal parts 3 different ways?

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Does a rectangle has adjacent sides equal?

No, a rectangle has opposite side which are equal in length.

How do you find the area of a rectangle with a length of 3 in and a width of 2 in?

6 is your answer because the box is 3 lengths and 2 widths and its basicly a 3 by 2 box.

How to divide a rectangle into 3 equal parts 4 different ways?

It is not possible

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