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Q: If a student guesses on 10 questions on a multiple choice test abcd find the mean expected correct guess?
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Students are required to answer 2 True of False questions and 1 multiple choice questions with 4 responses If the answers are all guesses what is the probability of getting all 3 questions correct?

The probability of correct true & false question is 1/2 and the probability correct multiple choice (four answer) question is 1/4. We want the probability of correct, correct, and correct. Therefore the probability all 3 questions correct is 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/4 = 1/16.

If a multiple choice quiz consists of 50 questions each with 5 possible choices find the mean for the number of correct answers if a student guesses on each question?


Tristan guesses on two multiple-choice questions on a test if each question has five possibe answers choices what is the probability that he gets the first one correct and the second one incorrect?


When test instructions say to Answer the multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks if known Does it mean to fill in the blanks only if known but answer all questions?

Yes, that is correct. You should answer all the multiple choice questions regardless, and only fill in the blanks with the information that you know for certain. It's better to leave blanks on the fill-in-the-blank sections rather than making guesses.

A multiple choice quiz consists of 6 questions each with 4 possible answers If a student guesses at the answer to each question then the mean number of correct answers is?

If there are four possible answers to a question, then a guessed answer would have a probability of 1 in 4. If there are six questions, then the mean number of correct answers would be six times 1 in 4, or 1.5

What is the probability of answering 50 questions right out of 100?

Depends on the questions, and how they are answered. T/F, multiple choice, matching, essay, etc. Could be randomly answering, making educated guesses, or applying some amount of knowledge on the subject. Each of these impacts the probability of supplying correct answers.

Georgia is taking a 5 question multiple choice quiz in which each question has 4 choices She guesses on all questions What is the probability that she answers exactly 2 of the questions correctly?


A multiple choice test has 8 questions that has 3 possible answers only one is correct If Judy who forgot to study for the test guesses on all questions what is the probability that she gets 3 right?

The probability that she gets exactly 3 right is 8C3*(1/3)3*(2/3)5 = 0.2731 approx.

What is the probability of getting exactly 7 out of 12 multiple choice questions right if a student randomly guesses one of the five possible choices for each question?

It is 0.0033

If a student guesses on all 5 questions on a tru-false exam what is the probability that he or she gets at least 3 answers correct?


A test consists of 15 true false questions what is the probability if the student guesses on all 15 questions?

What is the probability of what?Guessing them all correctly?Getting half of the correct?Getting them all wrong?PLEASE be specific with your questions if you want WikiAnswers to help.

What is plural form for guess?

The plural form of "guess" is "guesses." For example, "I made three guesses before I got the correct answer."