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If the ratio of the radii is 1:3 then the ratio of volumes is 1:27.

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Q: If ratio of the radius of the spheres is 1.3 find the ratio of their volume?
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Find the mass of a sphere with a radius of 4?

Answer #1:Mass is the product of volume and density. You can find the volume of a spherewith a radius of four (regardless of the unit of measure) using v=4/3pi(r3). Withthe volume you must multiply by the density to find the mass.======================================Answer #2:As written, the question has no answer, simply because the mass of a spheredoesn't depend on its size. A hundred spheres can easily all have the same sizebut a hundred different masses.

How do you find ratio of a circumference?

The answer depends on what the ratio is relative to!The ratio of a circumference to the area of a circle is half the radius.

Circumference is 929 depth 6 what is the volume?

To find the volume we must first work out what the radius is: 2*pi*radius = 929 Divide both sides by 2*pi to find the value of the radius: radius = 147.8549421 volume = pi*147.85494212*6 volume = 412071.7235 cubic units

Find the volume of a hemisphere with a radius of 3?

Volume = about 56.55 units3

How you find volume of a cylinder?


How The ratio of the heights of two similar cones is 79 Find the ratio of the following Their Radii 2) Their Volumes 3) The areas of their bases?

Not enough information has been given but the volume of a cone is 1/3*pi*radius squared *height and its base area is pi*radius squared

How do you calculate the surface-area-to-volume-ratio?

The surface-area-to-volume ratio may be calculated as follows: -- Find the surface area of the shape. -- Find the volume of the shape. -- Divide the surface area by the volume. The quotient is the surface-area-to-volume ratio.

How do you find ratio of area to radius?

In a circle, the area of the circle is pi times the radius squared

How do you find the radius of a cone if you have height and volume?

Use the equation for the volume of a cone, replace the known height and volume, and solve the resulting equation for the radius.

Find the volume of a cylinder with radius 5 cm and height 7 cm?

. Find the volume of a cylinder with radius 5 cm and height 7 cm.

How can you find a cell's survace area to volume ratio?

to obtain the ratio of surface area to volume, divide the surface area by the volume.

Suppose the sphere below with radius r has a volume equal to 50 units3 Find the volume of the sphere with twice the radius?

A sphere with a volume of 50 units3 has a radius of 2.29 units. A sphere with twice the radius (4.58 units) has a volume of 402 units3.