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You would receive $ 3.60 in change.

2 x 3.20 = 6.40 and 10.00 - 6.40 = 3.60.

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Q: If you bought 2 pies at 3 dollars and 20 cents each How much change would you get from a 10?
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If Jimmy had 10 dollars and he went to the candy store and bought 45 candies at 6 cents each and 20 at 2 cents each Would he have enough to buy a 3 dollars lollipop?

yes he would, he would have three dollars and 90 cents left.

Change for a dollar using half dollars?

you would get 50 cents back or you would get a half dollar back:)

How much dollars is in 1368 cents?

1386 cents would be equal to 13.86 dollars.

If I had 25 dollars and 15 cents and I paid with a 50 dollar bill how much change would I get?


How do you convert 209.99 from cents to dollars?

As there are 100 cents in a dollar you simply divide the number of cents by 100 to find the number of dollars. 209.99 cents would equal $2.10 dollars (rounded up to the nearest cent) but $209.99 dollars would equal 20999 cents.

How many dollars are 999 cents?

999 cents would be . . .$9.99

How many dollars are in 1547 pennies?

$154 and 7 left over cents *note* if you ever need to find out how many you dollars would be in any amount of cents, just take all the numbers and put a dollars sign in front of it except for the last number depending on the number, it would be the cents example:10000 cents 1000 dollars 1000 cents 10 dollars

How many cents is one percent of two dollars?

That would be two cents.

How much change would you get from a twenty dollar bill if your puchases total14.55?

$20.00 - $14.55 = $5.45, so you should get back five dollars and 45 cents in change.

How many 10 cents make 2 dollars and fifty cents?

That would be 25 dimes(10 cents).

If you had 2612 dollars how much money would that be in dollars and cents rounded to the nearest penny?

$2612.00 dollars

How many 10 cents make 10 dollars?

that would be 100 dimes(10 cents).