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Q: In how many ways can the faces of a tetrahedron be coloured if each face is to be either red or green?
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Jerry has a total of 23 marbles the marbles are either blue or green he has three more blue marbles than green marbles how many marbles does he have?

He will have 13 blue marbles and 10 green marbles.

What are the properties of an emerald?

Emerald is a gemstone in the beryl group (Beryllium aluminium silicate). Although emeralds can be colourless, when used as a gem it is usually coloured green because of small quantities of chromium (or sometimes vanadium). It has dihexagonal dipyramidal crystals. Emerald has a Mohs scale hardness of 7.5 to 8.

What is the green ball?

Before colour TV balls used in statistics were coloured black and white. Statistical questions were posed asking, say, the probability of selecting a white ball from a mixture of black and white balls hidden in a bag (sometimes white and black balls). A practical set up that, over a large number of tries, would show that the maths being examined was (statistically) good. Since colour TV there has been a preponderance of the use of coloured balls in the experiments and, often, one of the colours used is green. Also, using colour allows more than two different things to be the subject of statistical experiment. Of course colour TVs had nothing to do with this but the rest is true - honest. Beano GB

Define sample space?

Set of all possible outcomes of a random experiments is called sample space. For example: i think it means the number of possibilities. ex. there are 4 colors(red blue yellow green) on a arrow wheel. whats the sample space green,green,green,green green, yellow,green,green, green,green,yellow,green etc. Sample spaces may be finite, countably infinite, or uncountable. By definition, a set A is said to be countable if it is either finite or has the form A = {a1, a2, a3, · · · }. For example, rolling a die is an experiment whose sample space is the finite set {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}. The sample space for the experiment of tossing three (distinguishable) coins is {HHH,HHT,HTH,HTT, THH, THT, TTH, TTT}

What s the probability of not picking a green marble in a jar that contains 5 red 6 green and 4 blue?

The answer depends on how many marbles are picked and on whether or not they are returned to the jar before picking the next one. Since you have not bothered to provide any information on either of these aspects, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

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