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Q: In the ciena 6500 the electrical client interfaces are supported in which shelf variant?
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What does countertransferance mean?

It is a term used in psychology. Transference refers to when a client develops emotions and feelings for practitioner similar to those they have for an authority figure from childhood-ex.: client says psychologist reminds her of her father. Countertranference is when the practitioner develops those attachments to the client-ex.: psychologist thinks client is just like his troubled sister, etc

What is Use of inverse domain?

Inverse domain is used to map an address to a name. For instance, if a server receives a request from a client and this server has only the ip addresses of the clients in its list then the server needs to find out if this client is on its authorized client list. In order to determine if the client is on the authorized client list,server asks its resolver to query to the DNS server to map an address to name. And this type of querys are called inverse query(pointer query -PTR).

In what possible ways would a client be different from a customer?

The term 'Customer' tends to refer to a one-off business transaction usually in a retail situation. 'Client' tends to refer to a regular customer using a professional service: a customer buys a book about Law, a client employs the services of a lawyer. Dentists have clients, shopkeepers have customers.

Why is it important to go the extra mile for your client?

Client are always happy when a business goes the extra mile and does something special for them, they usually talk to others about the extra services provided and this could lead to promote your organization.

What will happen if vtp client has a higher revision number than vtp server?

It does. But only when the client is just introduced in the network. A summary/subset advertised is only send by the server-mode switch if there is a change in its vlan database which will affect the configuration revision no., or if the timer expires (5 mins). However, if a client-mode switch comes in the network or boots up, it will send a summary advertisement to all the other switches. Once it receives a summary advertisement from the server, it knows that it has a higher revision no. and immediately a subsert information which contains its vlan database. This the server with lower configuration no. will accept and flush its vlan database and accept the database of the client. This is because the summary or subset information does not say whether it is sent by the client or the server.

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Is client safe the runescape private servers one?

Runescape private servers may or may not be safe. Malicious code can easily be attached to the client. The only safe Runescape client is the official game client supported by Jagex.

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Is Google Earth plug in free?

The Google Earth plugin like the client is a free download. If you download Google Earth client, the browser plugin is installed automatically if supported on that platform.

What does reflection of feelings mean?

Reflection of feelings is a counseling technique where the counselor mirrors and restates the client's emotions back to them. By doing so, the counselor validates the client's feelings and helps them feel understood and supported. This technique can deepen the therapeutic relationship and encourage the client to explore their emotions further.

What is the most secure password-based authentication protocol supported by the VPN client in windows 7?


What is the proper position for a thoracentesis?

To facilitate removal of fluid from the chest wall, the client is positioned sitting at the edge of the bed leaning over the bedside table with the feet supported on a stool. If the client is unable to sit up, the client is positioned lying in bed on the UNaffected side with the head of the bed elevated 30 to 45 degrees.

Can you use a webcam to chat in sentence?

No, webcams are not supported in World of Warcraft at the moment. The client has voice chat built in (although it is not really good), and text chat but that is about it.

If a client needs to decrease the weight supported by one or both legs what should he or she use?