Is 12ft up scalar or vector?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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If up is well defined - as in directly above, rather that somewhere up there, on the next storey up - it is a vector.

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Q: Is 12ft up scalar or vector?
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What is a scalar times a vector?

A scalar times a vector is a vector.

Is inertia is a scalar or vector?


What type of measurement is this 12 feet up scalar or vector?

A scalar has distance but no direction. A vector has distance and direction. "12 feet up" has distance (12 feet) and direction (up), so is a vector.

Multiplying or dividing vectors by scalars results in what?

When multiplying a vector by a scalar, each component of the vector is multiplied by the scalar. This operation changes the magnitude of the vector but not its direction. Similarly, dividing a vector by a scalar involves dividing each component of the vector by the scalar.

Is time a scalar or a vector?


Is distance vector or scalar with example equation?

Distance is a scalar. But displacement is a vector.

Is earthquake a scalar or vector?

An earthquake is neither a scalar nor a vector. It is an event.

Can you multiply a vector and a scalar?

Yes, you can multiply a vector by a scalar. The scalar will multiply each component of the vector by the same value, resulting in a new vector with each component scaled by that value.

Is power a vector or scalar?


Is charge scalar or vector?


What is it called when a scalar and a vector are multiplied together?

When a scalar quantity(if it has positive magnitude) is multiplies by a vector quantity the product is another vector quantity with the magnitude as the product of two vectors and the direction and dimensions same as the multiplied vector quantity e.g. MOMENTUM

Is height a scalar or vector quantity?

WEIGHT is a VECTOR quantity .. because the weight has the direction into the surface of the earth to the down effected by the gravity .. but mass is a scalar quantity like 90 kg .. so .. WEIGHT IS VECTOR ..