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Q: Is a 2x12 header good for a 12 foot span?
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How much weight per square foot will a standard wood framed floor hold?

The answer to this question depends upon several criteria: 1. The span of the floor framing members 2. The 'on center' spacing of the floor framing members 3. The nominal dimension of the floor framing members (2x12 etc.) 4. The grade and species of the wood 5. Size and location of any holes or notches in the framing members A typical residential floor designed for a 10 psf Dead Load, 40 psf Live Load and a deflection criteria of L/360 (mid span deflection limited to L in inches/360): 2x12 joists at 16" on center spacing, Spruce-Pine-Fir #2, will have an allowable max span of 17'-10". 2x12 joists at 16" on center spacing, Southern Pine #2, will have an allowable max span of 18'-10". 2x10 joists at 16" on center spacing, Spruce-Pine-Fir #2, will have an allowable max span of 15'-5". Random thoughts: Thinset ceramic tile with mortar will add about 10 psf dead laod. Location of very heavy objects can be critical when determining a floors capacity.

How many feet are in a span?

A span is 8" or 0.67 foot. That is an informal measurement from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinkie on a average spread hand.

What measurements were used in ancient times?

hand,foot,span,cubit,kernels of corn,

What size micro lam beam is needed for a 16 foot span supporting a floor with 8 foot joist on either side of it?

That really cannot be answered without looking at the entire set of plans.

How many steps are equal to 500 feet?

Depends upon your personal "stride" ... the span of distance between each foot when walking normally.

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What size of header is needed for a 3' span?


What are the dementions of a header in construction?

That depends on the anticipated weight and the span.

On a deck what would be the maximum spacing of 2'X12' floor joists on a 20ft span?

Even using a 2x12 the spacing for 20 feet will be less than 12 inches on center. I would recommend splitting the distance with a double beam perpendicular to the joist run. This will allow you to go up to 24 inches on center. Your span will only be ten feet aproximately this way. I would double the beam. (2-2x12 joined together) Good luck. when building your beam make sure the laps on the beam are at least 6 foot apart and put a good wood glue on the 2x12s plus for added strength put 1/2 inch O.S.B. in between the 2x12 and I would also lag or bolt them together, at about 16 to 24 inches O.S.B. = Oscilating Strand Board.

What is the maximum span on a double 2x12 beam supporting a 2nd floor load with no roof load?

About 5metres(16') but would have to be stress graded timber.

What size of beam do you need to span 16 ft?

1 ft by 1.2 ft... verticaly 1.2ft

what is indigenous method of measurements of length?

hand span, arm span, foot, cubit

What is maximum span on a double 2x12 beam non load bearing?

Not sure why you need a beam that bears no load. You can go 22'. Beyond that it needs to be broken down to shorter lengths.

What is the maximum span on a triple 2x12 beam supporting a roof?

Triple? That sounds an awful lot like gluelam... Which requires engineer approval to meet code. The inspecting engineer will be able to tell you.

What is foot span?

A foot span is a term used in the roofing industry to calculate the area of a roof. It is necessary to calculate how many shingles per foot. This measurement will vary depending on the type of shingles used.

How many spans make a foot?

A span is not a standard measure, a foot is. So there is no definitive answer.

What size header for 10' span?

You really need to consult a structural engineer as I have no i dea what the load above or adjacent to this structure might be.

How long to build span for bridge?

Tell us the size of the span, and what it is made from, and we may be able to get you an estimate. A single 6 foot board is 5 seconds, a 300 foot long concrete and steel span takes a little longer.