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That really cannot be answered without looking at the entire set of plans.

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Q: What size micro lam beam is needed for a 16 foot span supporting a floor with 8 foot joist on either side of it?
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What is the diagonal braces between floor joist?

It is called bridging.

What is the angle of a fire cut of a floor joist?

30 degrees

How to build a platform over a sharply sloped floor?

How much slope and how long of a run? For short distance, up to 12 feet, and 12 inches of drop, you cut a 2x12 at the right slope and use them for the floor joist. For longer runs or greater slope, Use 2x6 level and use 2x4 legs under them.

Building a stairwell what are dimensions?

that would depend upon the distance between floors. with a distance of approx. 9' it would be around 37" wide and 8' long. The floor to floor height is only 1/3 of the solution for figuring out the stairwell length. That, with the tread, will give you the angle of the staircase. The less slope of the stairs, the bigger the well size needs to be for headroom clearance at the bottom. The other thing that needs to be figured in is the thickness of the floor system. The taller the joists, the sooner you'll hit your head and so the stairwell will need to be longer. For instance, 7 3/4"riser, 10"tread and 2x10 joists the well size needs to be 118 1/2" from the stair nosing edge to the head joist. For 2x12 joists it's 121". You'll need to add a little to this depending on how you hang your stingers for the actual framing of the stairwell. Check out for a book on all stairwell lengths for every angle and joist size.

There is a 2 by 8 running the whole length of your celling and right where your new skylights are can you cut it and sister it to the roof?

No. You need to support it, cut it and use 2 x 2x8s to tie back into the two joists next to it on each end. Use double joist hangers. By code you would also have to double the joist (s) you installed the hangers on... That is not always possible.

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Does a joist note giving size spacing and direction and shown on a floor plan pertain to the framing above or below?

A joist note on a first floor plan would refer to the Joist below that floor, a joist note on the third floor plan woud be for that floor.

What is a timber joist?

A joist, either floor or ceiling are the boards that go across the building and tie the walls together. A timber joist would be a rough sawn beam. Basically a tree that has been squared up.

What can be a word sentence of joist?

A joist is a beam, a supporting structure in a building. The roof joist was riddled with dry rot and had to be replaced.

How much weight can you put on a floor joist?

it depen on the size of the joist

Why is the wood flooring on the first floor buckling above floor joists?

There can be numerous causes for a floor to buckle over a floor joist. Flooring was not installed perpendicular to floor joist. Flooring was not allowed for proper expansion - expansion gap needed. Flooring was not properly fastened or not enough fasteners was applied. Excessive water or moisture got onto the flooring causing it to buckle - check appliances, plumbing, windows and doors for water. Damaged or cracked floor joist.

What are the ends of the joist nailed too?

Floor joist or ceiling joist? Floor joist have a board on the end all the way along the side of the building called a rim joist. Like the cross bar on the top of a T. Ceiling joist are nailed down into the top plate of the wall and to the rafters where possible.

What is a five letter word for supporting beam?


What is a wall to wall supporting beam called?


What is the purpose of a joist?

to support the sub floor.

What is a housing joint used for?

Joist possibly ? A joist is the boards under the floor and above the ceiling that span the room or building. What the floor or ceiling is attached to.

Where can you find a floor joist span table when using 2 x 6 tongue and groove?

Not sure what you mean? floor joist span table???

What is the purpose of floor joists?

In construction, a joist is a horizontal piece that runs from wall to wall, wall to beam or beam to beam. A joist is essentially considered to be one of the most supporting pieces towards the structural aspect. It focuses in on supporting beams and other pieces in the floor, ceiling and roof.