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Q: Is a combination of constant and variables involving at least one of the basic operations?
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Are constant variables and derived variables the same?

Constant variables are constant, they do not change. Derived variables are not constant. They are determined by the other values in the equation.

Are constant variables and independent variables the same?

No they are not the same. A constant variable keeps going at a constant rate.

Why cant you draw a conclusion about the effect of one variable in an investigation when the other key variables are not controlled?

If none of the variables are constant (or controls) you have no idea which variable or combination of variables caused the effect.

What does the value of an expression mean?

If you replace variables in an expression by numbers (in case there are any variables) and then do the indicated operations, you get a number. That final number is the "value" of the expression.

What is a monomial with no variables?


What variables must be kept constant?

Variables that must be kept constant in an experiment are known as control variables. These variables are factors that can influence the outcome of the experiment, so keeping them constant ensures that any observed changes are due to the independent variable being tested.

How many variables are kept constant in a experiment?

All variables except one, the experimental variable, are kept constant in an experiment.

What are the two types of variables?

The two types of variables are the CONSTANT and CONTROL.

What are all the variables?

There are 'constant variables' , 'independant variables' and 'dependent variables' Constant Variable- things in the experimment that should be kept the same Independant variables- something that can be varied in an experiment Dependant variable- something that can be affected

Can a constant be considered a polynomial?

No, a constant cannot be considered a polynomial because it is only a single term. A polynomial is defined as an expression that consists of the variables and coefficients that involves only the operations of subtraction, addition, multiplication, and the non-negative integer exponents.

What does constant mean in math?

Constant is a number with no variables. For an example, 12a, but this is a constant 12.

What are constant variables and y r they important in an experiment?

. Constant variables are variables which cannot be changed with the experiment. To remember their name is easy just think about Constance. They are important to an experiment because without all three variables there would be no complete experiment. Also the constant variables are important to an experiment because they help complete the result. Without a constant variable you. Would not be testing correctly