Is a tryangle a polygon

Updated: 10/25/2022
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well it depends. a triangle is a polygon but what the hell is a tryangle?

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Q: Is a tryangle a polygon
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What do you call a three sided shape?

a tryangle Yall know, like the people crossin' sign.or polygon.

Fullform of abbreviation cocacola?

half cercal fulla cercal half cercal tryangle a half a cecal fully cercal tryangle a ketan.

What is the longist side of a right angle tryangle?

The longest (not longist) side of a right triangle (not tryangle) is a hypotenuse. Now that's a word you can have fun spelling!

How many lines of symmetry in a tryangle?


What are the cheat codes to grand theft auto vice city no cops?

up right tryangle tryangle down left x x

How many sides thoes a tryangle have?

A triangle has three sides.

How many angles in an isosceles tryangle are equal?

Two angles are equal in an isosceles triangle.

How many planes have gone missing since 1984?


How many sides does a isosceles triangle have?

It has 3 sides.every tryangle has three sides and three verticies no matter what kind it is

What are the three angels of a tryangle?

The three angles of a triangle is as a result of these three types of a triangle: equilateral, isosceles and scalene.

What is the angular diameter of an object that has a linear diameter of 3 inches if it is at a distance of 3000 miles?

3000 miles = 190,080,000 inches = adjascent 1/2*3 inches = 1.5 inches = opposite (iscossolise tryangle = 2 right angle tryangle back to back) tan = opposite/adjascent = 1.5/190,080,000 = 7.8914141414141414141414141414141e-9 tan-1 7.8914141414141414141414141414141e-9 = 4.5214472469288446723046398893908e-7 degrees*2 (back to iscosolies tryangle)= 9.0428944938576893446092797787816 e-7 so 0.000,000,9 degrees, assuming your measurements are accurate

What is the size of every angle in a equivarlent tryangle?

The size of the 3 interior angles of an equilateral triangle each measure 60 degrees