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No, there are many odd numbers that are not prime: 9, 15, 21, 25, 27, etc.

However, 2 is the only even number that is prime, since all other even numbers are divisible by 2.

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Q: Is every odd number is prime or not?
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Is every prime number odd?

Every single prime number Is odd , with the exception of 2 being an even number , but ... Not every single odd number is going to be prime. Example: 9-1,3,9

What is the exception to the rule that every prime number is odd?

2 is the exception to the rule that every prime number is odd

How your prime number are odd or even?

Every prime number is odd except one: the number 2.

Is every odd number greater then one a prime number?

No. The first odd number, counting up from one, that is not a prime number, is 9.

Are all prime numbers also odd numbers?

Yes, every prime number, except for the number 2, is odd.

Which is the smallest co prime number?

2 is the smallest prime number. It is co-prime with every odd number.

Is every odd number a prime number?

Kind of. The only prime number that is even is 2.

Can you factorise every palindrome with odd number of digits?

No. 101 is prime.

Is every prime number besides 2 an odd nmber?


Why is every prime number greater than 2 an odd number?

Because every number is either odd or even. Even numbers are divisible by two, which means that (with the exception of 2 itself) they by definition are not prime.

What is an odd number and prime number?

All even numbers are, by definition, multiples of 2 and therefore are not prime. It follows that every prime number (other than 2) is odd as a prime number is defined as one which is not the multiple of any other integers. This is not to say that all odd numbers are prime. Odd and prime: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 etc...

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