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only if she likes math other wise it might be kinda nerdy

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Q: Is it cute to ask a girl to formal using a math problem we are in calculus together?
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Why is calculus interesting?

Calculus is interesting because it is incredible that human intelligence has discovered a way to solve a problem using a formula that can be repeated. Calculus is not necessarily about the numbers, but about the fact that we can apply rules and theories to numbers in a variety of situations.

What math has to be known in order to do Calculus?

In order to solve problems using Calculus, you have to know Calculus.

Why is calculus so hard?

Calculus in itself is not hard, it is usually remembering the algebra and previous math classes that is hard. New concepts are introduced in Calculus, but isn't it the same with any new subject? For example, many problems in integration, the actual calculus is not the hard part, it is using all of the algebra and other concepts you have used your whole life to simplify the problem so it is easy to solve.

How to solve 3+2 using calculus?


What is meant by mathematical logic?

Mathematical logic is a branch of mathematics which brings together formal logic and mathematics. Mathematical logic entails formal systems for defining the basics and then using the deductive power of logic to develop a system of formal proofs.

What is general physics non calculus?

In many universities and colleges this is a course covering various topics in physics that avoids using the calculus.

How do you calculate the length of the curve using calculus?

Do a line integral.

What is formal feedback?

advantages and disadvantages of using a formal feedback system?

What is the history of kinetic energy?

it was created by "analysis of Newton's Laws using calculus"

How do you find the area of a bound figure using calculus?

Integrate between the bounds.

Does calculus have to do with graphs?

A better question would be "do graphs have to do with calculus?" The answer is yes, many concepts in calculus are best understood by looking at graphs. While most concepts in calculus can be taught and learned without graphs, using only numeric and algebraic (analytical) representations, graphs add a visual representation that helps students understand calculus concepts in more depth.

What type of object could you best measure using calculus?

Finding the volume of many odd shapes is only possible with integral calculus. Google " volume of revolution. "