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maybe but I have never heard of such thing so i think you may have done the sum wrong.

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Q: Is it possible to have negative percentages?
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Is it possible to have negative decimal numbers?

yes, it is possible to have a negative decimal.

Is it possible to travel at a negitave speed?

In classical physics, negative speeds do not make sense as it implies going backward in space. In some contexts, negative speeds can be used in mathematical models or theoretical physics to represent certain relationships, but they do not have a physical interpretation as traveling at a negative speed.

Is calculated percentage usually positive?

It is very hard to generalize. Some things do have a historical trend. Population statistics frequently show a positive trend, hence the calculated percentages are typically positive. The downturn in the world economy recentlyproduced a lot of calculated negative percentages. You may find thousands of negative percentages if you follow the stock market. There is a tendency for convenience and clarity, to state percentages as "20% lower" or "20% off" instead of saying the "price today = stated price - 20% of the stated price."

If my child has A negative blood and I have o positive her father has ab negative is this possible?

Yes it is possible...

What do you learn in sixth grade math?

Conversions, work with decimal, fractions and percentages, perimiters is mostly what we learn at our school. negative numbers.

Is it possible to have a negative variance?


What is the negative of possible?


Is it possible to draw a circle of negative radius?

Radii are always positive. No, it is not possible to draw a circle with negative radius.

How do you calculate improved percentages?

Percentages are percentages - simple! The marketing people have not yet come up with "new improved" percentages.

Is it possible to have a negative absolute pressure?

No. "Absolute" means non-negative.

Can you be pregnant and the test negative?

It is possible to be pregnant and the test negative, but not likely.

Is it possible to have a negative variable?