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Yes, but only with some polygons.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-21 22:33:36
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Q: Is it possible to tile a floor with copies of a regular polygon?
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Why is it possible to tile a floor with copies of a regular hexagon?

no, u all suck

Is it possible to tile a floor with copies of a regular pentagon?

yes you can draw a picture to help

Is it possible to tile a floor with regular hexagons?


What happens if you try and tile a floor with regular octagons?

it is probably possible, but will be hard

Is there a quadrilateral in the floor plan that is not a regular polygon?

Since we can't see the floor plan you're supposedly looking at we can't answer this question definitively. However, most floor plans of more than a few rooms will have at least one quadrilateral that isn't a regular polygon, and since quadrilaterals can include two or more other quadrilaterals you need to literally 'think outside the box'. More simply, the question asks 'are there any quadrilaterals that aren't squares'.

Is it possible to tile a floor with a pentagons?

Not with regular pentagons because each interior angle is 108 degrees which is not a factor of 360 degrees

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Is it possible to cover a floor with triangular shaped tiles?

Yes it is possible. Imagine regular square tiles cut into four pieces. The cuts would be from one corner to the opposite corner, similar to an X. Presto!! Triangles

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Can a regular octagon be used to tile a floor?

it can in accompaniment with squares.

What regular polygons can not be use to tile a floor by itself?


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