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Q: What regular polygons can not be use to tile a floor by itself?
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Is it possible to tile a floor with copies of a regular polygon?

Yes, but only with some polygons.

Which regular polygons will not tile a surface?

An [equilateral] triangle, square and hexagon are the only regular polygons which, by themselves, will tile a surface.

What regular polygons can not tile a surface?

Regular polygons with 5, 7 or more sides.

What are all the regular polygons that tile?

The only ones are equilateral triangles, squares and regular hexagons.

Which regular polygons will fit together to tile a flat surface?

Triangles, squares and hexagons. That is if they all have to be the same. If you use different regular polygons, you can tile a flat surface with triangles and 12-sides or with squares and 8-sides for example.

Will a regular polygon tile?

There are only three regular polygons which with tile. These a re a triangle, quadrilateral (square) and hexagon.This is because if there are n tiles meeting at a point, then the sum of the angles around that point must be 360 degrees - otherwise the polygons will overlap. The only regular polygons with interior angles that are factors of 360 are the ones mentioned above.

Is it possible to tile a floor with regular hexagons?


Can regular octagon tile the plane?

Not by itself.

Can a regular octagon be used to tile a floor?

it can in accompaniment with squares.

Which polygons will tile the plane?

If it's interior angle is a factor of 360 then it will tessellate such as a square, a regular hexagon and an equilateral triangle.

Why is it possible to tile a floor with copies of a regular hexagon?

no, u all suck

What happens if you try and tile a floor with regular octagons?

it is probably possible, but will be hard