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No. Such a number is referred to as a perfect square. The closest perfect square to 23 is 25, the square root of which is 5.

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Q: Is the square root of 23 a whole number?
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Is 23 a square number?

It is not the square of a whole number; but it is the square of a real number. If you calculate the square root of 23, you will get a real number. That real number times itself will equal 23. But the square root will not be a simple whole number. It will have an endless decimal fraction.

What is the square root of the number 23?

The square root of the number 23 = ± 4.795832

What whole number is the closest to the square number of 57?

The square of 57 is 3249 The square root of 57 is closer to 8.

Is the square root of 23 a rational number?

No. Square root of 23 is irrational.

Is 0.79 and the square root of 23 rational number?

0.79 is a rational number but the square root of 23 is an irrational number

Is -23 an imaginary number?

No, but √-23 is. An imaginary number is the square root of a negative number.

Which of these numbers is classified as a rational number square root 17 square root 23 square root 9 square root 2?

square root of 9 = 3 but 2, 17 and 23 are irrational numbers

If 23 is added to the square of a number the result is 104?

to get the answer of this is to change the whole thing to algebra that is Let put an X as unknown squared number X * X + 23 =104 subtract 23 from both sides X * X + 23 - 23 = 104 - 23 X * X = 81 Now find the square root of 81. the square root of 81 is 9. check: 9 * 9 + 23 = 104

The Square root of 47 is between which two whole numbers?

To figure this out, I always start with square roots I know, and that are close to 47. So, first, I would figure out that the square root of a number such as 36 is 6. The square root of 49 is 7. Now, since there are no other whole numbers between 6 and 7, and the square root of 47 falls between the square root of 36 and 49, we can say that the square root of 47 is between the whole numbers 6 and 7.

What should be added to 97321 to make it a perfect square?

23 because 97321+23 = 97344 which is a square number and its square root is 312

Was is the square root of 529?

The square root of 529 = ± 23

How do you find the two square roots of 23?

Find the square root of 23. The second one is the same number with a negative sign.

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